Marley Gibson's Top Ten Tips For Ghost Hunting Teens

YA author Marley Gibson has made a name for herself with her popular Ghost Huntress series. Now check out the author's tips for teen ghost hunters and don't miss the *Web Exclusive Review* for each novel in this four book series!

The Ghost Huntress series has developed over four novels to become a multi-faceted action-packed ride. The novels follow teen Kendall who discovers that she is a psychic. With the aid of a few close friends and two adult mentors, Kendall is determined to use her gift to help as many ghosts "find the light" as possible. As Kendall experiences the ups and downs of being a psychic teen, Gibson delivers compelling mysteries with a strong supporting cast.

Gibson says of ghost hunting, "In researching for my Ghost Huntress series, I have, in essence, become a ghost huntress myself." Now she shares ten essential rules for effective (and safe) ghost hunting!

Marley Gibson's Top Ten Tips for Ghost Hunting Teens:

1. Get permission to investigate the location you're going to. You don't want the first publicity for your group to be that of a log on a police blotter.

2. Get plenty of rest, eat well, and stay hydrated. Of course, this doesn't mean go out for Indian food before an investigation; otherwise, your EVP sessions will be riddled with EGPs ... electronic gastric phenomena.

3. Never, ever, go alone. It's just not smart to do it. And, besides, when you get that great piece of evidence, you want to be able to share it immediately with your teammate.

4. Your best ghost hunting tools are your eyes, ears, nose, and your own brain. Pay attention to your surroundings and make note of anything unusual that you see, hear, smell, or notice. Then everyone can compare notes at the end of the investigation.

5. Do not drink alcohol or use non-prescription drugs. If you're underage, this is illegal anyway ... as is using drugs. But altering your state of mind could have you hallucinating, cause paranoia, or cause you to fall and get hurt. Again ... be smart.

6. Find a mentor. A person of authority who can go along on investigations. You'd be surprised how many members of law enforcement not only believe in the paranormal, but they have access to and knowledge of many interesting locations.

7. Wear comfortable, quiet clothing. There's nothing worse than the "cricket pants" syndrome when one member of your team is wearing leather pants or a windbreaker that makes a noise every time they move or breath.

8. Wear sensible shoes. Like above, no one wants to hear the pounding of high heels on a floor or the thwack-thwack of flip flops. Wear something that's comfortable and quiet and also utilitarian for climbing stairs or slipping into crevices, attics, or basements.

9. Fancy equipment is optional. I suggest having a good digital voice recorder, a flashlight, a pen and a notebook at the very least. You can use all of the tools that are out there, but the best thing you bring along is you. Keeping good notes will help you when you review your evidence later.

10. Most of all ... have an open mind, a curiosity for the paranormal, and remember to have fun. Don't expect spirits to perform on command and don't be disrespectful in any way. Treat the other side as you would like to be treated and you'll be in for an adventuresome time.

- Marley Gibson

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