May 2012: Which Self-Published Story Is Right For You? Take The Quiz!

There’s no denying it, self-publishing is booming and the result is an enormous amouts of great books ready for readers. Each month in the RT magazine we take a look at some of the authors and titles in our new “Self-pub Hub” column and in our review sections. But with so many books, how do you choose which one to try first? Well, now you can take our simple quiz and we’ll help you figure out which new self-published book from this month’s issue is your next read!


I like a book that is filled with:

A) Long-hidden secrets

B) Everyday challenges

C) Revenge plots

D) Supernatural adventure


You never know when you might need:

A) A pair of rain boots and an umbrella, so you are ready for any storm

B) A bike, so you can get away from it all

C) A laptop with a 4G wireless connection, so you are always connected

D) A book of spells, so you can use your special abilities


Your celebrity idol is:

A) Diane Lane

B) Kate Hudson

C) Michelle Rodriguez

D) Amanda Seyfried


Your always fall for a hero that:

A) Has a problem his buckets of money can't fix

B) Is hard-working and steadfast

C) Has a code of honor that is black and white

D) Believes in doing his duty, no matter the personal cost


The perfect amount of heat in any story is:

A) Subtle and understated

B) Sweet and sensual

C) Fiery and electric

D) A spark that slowly burns


If you choose mostly...

"A"s: Be sure to check out A Field of Poppies by Sharon Sala. This RT Top Pick! mainstream novel is "a gem of a story" says RT reviewer Pat, "Sala fans won't be surprised by the delicately crafted sentences that create heart-pounding emotion, but Sala just may have outdone herself with this story of two families who find their worlds intertwining at the worst moments in their lives. A Field of Poppies harnesses the dark side of family ties, ensnaring the reader in a spiderweb of grief, love and the possibility of salvation." The drama unfolds as Poppy struggles with the fallout from her parents' recent deaths, and tries to figure out what role Justin Caufield, and his terminally ill daughter, will play in her life.



"B"s: Then we bet you will fall head over heels for the Claire and Kevin's love story, Trust In Me by Beth Cornelison. This story follows heiress Claire who is trying to stand on her own two feet (not rely on her father's money). Her hardwork attracts the attention of hardware store manager Kevin, who is torn between his need to stay impartial, as Claire's temporary boss, and his desire to try to make a future with this sweet heroine. RT reviewer Susan calls this tale of modern day love, "a thoroughly delightful romance with some fun, interesting secondary characters."




"C"s: The Good Daughter, a romantic suspense by Diana Layne will certainly fuel your passion. Mix one mob boss's daughter with a revenge plot that she's determined to see to the end because her family killed her cop boyfriend. Add in one determined FBI agent hero and a dark and dangerous mafia boss and we aren't surprised that the result it is a thrill-packed adventure. RT reviewer Diane says of this RT Top Pick!, "Calling this book 'old-school Jackie Collins with a Gotti twist and enough heat to melt Alaska' still doesn't begin to describe how explosive it is. This is a turn-off-all-electronic-devices, one-sit read, with impressive characters, a transfixing plot and enough breathtaking action to knock your socks off!"



"D"s: We suggest you download a copy of Crista McHugh's A Soul for Trouble. With twists and turns like you wouldn't believe, RT reviewer Amy says, "Book one in the Soulbearer trilogy, this fantastical romance is completely different from the myriad of others out there." Heroine Trouble has always tried to be "normal" but her supernatural heritage means that average isn't an option! When the God of Chaos is transported into her body, revealing that Trouble is the new Soulbearer, Dev, a warrior tasked with protecting this mystical vessel, will do whatever it takes to try to rescue her from the madness the god always creates in his hosts. But when Dev and Trouble join forces, will they be able to save her from this dark fate?


Let us know your quiz results in the comments! You can find all these books and more available online now. And for other digital reads, be sure to check out RT's Everything E-Books Page.