May Inspirational Overview

May’s inspirational novels have something for everyone. Whether you prefer to read tales set in the past or present, with romance or mystery, adult or teen heroes, there’s a new read on shelves this month that is sure to give you your faith filled fiction fix! Take a look at some of the religious-based reads that are making our TBR lists.



Pursuit of Lucy Banning
by Olivia Newport

Why you should check out this read: RT reviewer Patsy says that in this book readers can expect to “be treated to the grandeur and charm of the wealthy and the not-so-wealthy. In this story thick with secrets and lies, Newport’s characters are by turn charming, conniving or trying to be true to themselves in spite of what society expects of them.”

What it’s all about: Author Newport whisks reader to the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 for the Avenue of Dreams series starter. Privileged heroine Lucy Banning is trying to change the world for the better, taking classes at the University of Chicago and helping at a local orphanage. When she meets a poor but inspired architect, it’s love at first sight — but can she convince her parents that she doesn’t need money to be happy?




Harriet Beamer Takes the Bus
by Joyce Magnin

Why you should check out this read: “This wonderful story with amazing, layered characters provides a ton of laughs as well as serious moments.” Says RT’s Patsy. So expect some hardcore belly laughs amidst the thoughtful reflections inspired by this May release.

What it’s all about: Harriet Beamer considers her life normal, maybe even a little bit boring. But when she breaks her ankle, instead of going to live with her son and his wife, she decides to forge ahead with her plan to visit California. Harriet glibly hops aboard all sorts of means of public transportation (which includes traveling by train, bus, ferry and motorcycle) and heads off for an adventure which may just help her see that her life has been — and will be — anything but ordinary!




After All
by Deborah Raney

Why you should check out this read: RT reviewer Terri says, “Raney’s compassionate way of writing about sensitive issues makes it a compelling read. The story will touch your heart from the first chapter, and you won’t want to put it down until Susan finds her happy ending.”

What it’s all about: When a firefighter widow, Susan, discovers that her husband was not the man she thought, her entire world turns upside down, and so does her son’s. But will her dead husband’s co-worker, fellow fireman Peter, be able to show her that she may still get the happily ever after she’s always wanted — or will dark secrets ruin this second chance at love?




by Dani Pettrey

Why you should check out this read: RT reviewer Melissa lays it all out saying, “Pettrey’s debut, the first in the Alaskan Courage series, combines all of the perfect elements for romantic suspense with a meaningful spiritual message. The Alaskan setting is magnificently described. Bailey is a sympathetic, flawed character that readers will identify with, and her relationship with Cole is true to life.” You couldn’t ask for better reasons to pick up this story!

What it’s all about: Bailey would only return home to the small Alaskan town of Yancey for one thing, her beloved aunt. Now that the older woman has died in a plane crash, Bailey must take care of settling her aunt’s affairs, but in the process discovers that the crash may not have been an accident at all. Can Cole, who has always had a soft spot for this hard-headed woman, keep Bailey safe long enough for her to prove that there was foul play — and possibly fall in love with him as well?




A Perfect Square
by Vannetta Chapman

Why you should check out this read: Fans of Amish country-set stories will delight in this cozy mystery with faith elements. RT reviewer Leslie says that readers can expect this book to keep you “engaged and guessing,” and she goes on to say, “Friendship, forgiveness, mercy and grace are key themes in this page-turner.”

What it’s all about: In the latest installment of the Shipshewana Amish mysteries, Esther Zook discovers a dead body in a local pond, but when the police finger the wrong man for murder, can she and her friends prove that there is more to this case than what’s floating on the surface? A murder, a missing persons case and cultural differences will collide in Esther’s latest adventure!




Crazy Dangerous
by Andrew Klavan

Why you should check out this read: RT reviewer Linda has nothing but good things to say about this tale of teen drama, “The original plot is full of twists and turns and unexpected treasures. Klavan’s writing is quick, tight, exciting and intense. The adrenaline-charged action will keep you totally immersed."

What it’s all about: When pastor’s son (and wild child) Sam Hopkins gets involved with his classmate Jennifer, he inadvertently steps into a supernatural mess that will test his faith — and his father’s. There are demons, paranormal specters and more in this chilling tale that a reader of any age can enjoy.


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