Maya Banks Sells Her Newest Erotica Trilogy For 7 Figures

Today bestselling author Maya Banks announced on her blog that she has sold a new erotic romance trilogy to Berkley. The good news keeps on rolling as Banks also states that these three books will be publishing “very quickly”. The series starter, Rush, will be released in February, followed by Fever in April and then the finale, Burn, in August.

Banks assures readers that with this series, we will get what we’ve “come to expect” from her writing. She goes on to compare these new books to some previous works. Banks writes: "For those of you familiar with my Sweet Series, these new books will be very much that same flavor with a mix of my Harlequin Desires as well. I’ve jokingly said that if you take the heroine from Tycoon’s Rebel Bride and put her with Damon from Sweet Persuasion you have a good idea of the first book heh."

We were so excited to learn more about this trilogy that we went digging for a bit more information, and here is what we found. is reporting that the series will follow three best friend billionaires — Gabe Hamilton, Jace Crestwell and Ash McIntyre. The men are successful businessmen and also Doms. In each of the stories, one of the heroes meets his match and falls hard for the woman of his fantasies.

If the plot of following a BDSM-loving millionaire on a quest for love sounds familiar to you, you aren't alone. Even the publisher acknowledges that the plots of Banks' series is close to that of the 50 Shades of Grey books. Cindy Hwang, Berkley’s Executive Editor says of the project, “[Maya’s] new trilogy will thrill returning fans and is the perfect introduction for readers who fell in love with the intensely provocative storyline in Fifty Shades Of Grey.”

Despite, or perhaps, because of the similarities between 50 Shades and Rush, Fever and Burn, the publisher is fully behind Banks' upcoming trilogy. In fact, Berkley was so excited to get the rights to these works that, according to, this deal rang up at seven figures.

Huzzah for Maya Banks to join the million-dollar+ writers club. We can’t think of anyone who deserves it more! And we will be first in line to read the new stories.

What about you? Can't wait for Maya Banks' new trilogy or have you had your fill of millionaire Doms? Let us know in the comments below. And for more exciting genre news, make sure to check out RT's Everything Erotica Page