Maya Rodale, Miranda Neville and Avon Editor Tessa Woodward Tell You Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Romance

On Wednesday December 5, New York romance fans were treated to a special event hosted by Avon at WORD bookstore in Brooklyn. Historical romance authors Maya Rodale and Miranda Neville were joined by Avon editor Tessa Woodward for a tell-all panel on writing and publishing romance, moderated by RT's Morgan Doremus. During the first part of the discussion, authors were asked insightful questions about their recent work, how they developed their stories and what outrageous questions they get asked as romance writers. Plus, Tessa Woodward shared some professional advice about what works — and what doesn't — when it comes to getting a story published.

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Then, audience members got a chance to ask everyone on stage their burning questions about romance, from book suggestions to questions about plotting and developing stories:

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And to top off an already fabulous evening, readers got to enjoy complementary champagne and chocolates, plus — the best part — a signing by the authors!

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