(May)nstream Overview

If you’re stumped about what to book to enjoy next, May’s mainstream releases cater to every type of reading taste. Want to explore a deep drama, get swept up by a new romance or recharge your batteries with something truly inspirational? No matter what you like, you’ll find a fitting new novel out this month. 




by Catherine McKenzie

Why you should check out this read: If you’ve ever fallen head over heels for Mr. Wrong, then you’ll love this tale of dating disasters and unexpected success in the strangest of places. RT reviewer Mandy calls this novel, “A real page-turner, Arranged is a perfect beach read. McKenzie will have readers laughing and crying right along with her heroine.”

What it’s all about: Unlucky-in-love Anne hires a dating service, and is surprised to learn that they are actually in the business of arranging marriages. She decides to continue using them, but will it lead her to happily ever after?

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Ties That Bind
by Marie Bostwick

Why you should check out this read: “The beautiful prose in this multilayered faith- and community-based novel gives life to a small New England town filled with characters that readers will long remember.” RT’s Debbie hits the nail on the head when she gives this praises to the latest tale in Bostwick’s Cobbled Court series.

What it’s all about: Female pastor Phillipa is trying to gain her new congregation’s respect, something that seems like an uphill battle because the town is conflicted about having a woman pastor. But when Phillipa befriends local Margot, and her new quilting buddy’s world is threatened by personal tragedy, Phillipa gets a change to show off her abilities — and Margot may just find a silver lining to her troubles that makes this pain worthwhile.

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The Uninvited Guests
by Sadie Jones

Why you should check out this read: RT’s Melissa suggests that readers try out this story for a myriad of reasons, “Jones delicately and deliciously unfolds a mysterious and ultimately surprising story about an early 20th-century family’s tumultuous weekend … It’s a very satisfying story with some great twists and turns.”

What it’s all about: In this historical tale, widow Charlotte Torrington has just remarried and her children are not pleased about this turn of events. When a train accident near their country home results in a posse of uninvited guests descending on the already financially troubled household, will Charlotte and her brood be able to keep the situation under control?

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Lone Wolf
by Jodi Picoult

Why you should check out this read: Readers know that when picking up a Picoult you can expect nothing less than an absolutely heart-wrenching tale. RT reviewer M. H. puts it succinctly when she says, “Picoult’s storytelling will suck readers right into this book, told so deftly from multiple points of view. The novel delves into the heart-rending subject of euthanasia but is at its most compelling when it focuses on the family members’ relationships.”

What it’s all about: Adult siblings must wrestle with what their larger than life father would want when a car accident leaves him comatose. Family members struggle with long-buried secrets and old resentments as they try to fill the void where their father once stood in these complicated dynamics. But will they ultimately decide to unplug him or keep holding onto hope?

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A Land More Kind Than Home
by Wiley Cash

Why you should check out this read: If you are looking for a new voice in fiction, RT's Sarah says, “Cash’s debut novel is mysterious, and indirectly creepy, which will have a powerful effect on readers … Riveting, disturbing and lyrical, this novel is full of surprises the entire way through and will have readers glued to it from the start.” And with a recommendation like that, how could you resist this read?

What it’s all about: When Jess and his mute older brother Christopher witness something they were never supposed to see, their church's new pastor decides that it’s time to attempt to force Christopher to speak. However, it soon becomes clear that there is a deeper and more insidious evil in their town than a one silent boy …

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