Meet Debut Author Elisabeth Barrett's Sexy Chef

What do you get when you mix an audacious chef with a fiery baker, add a splash of desire and turn up the heat? Elisabeth Barrett's debut novel Deep Autumn Heat. When New York City chef Sebastian Grayson meets small town baker Lexie Meyers, he ends up craving more than just her delicious sweets! Today this new author reveals more about Lexie and Sebastian's chemistry and shares why she thinks chefs make the perfect lovers.

In my debut novel, Deep Autumn Heat, two impassioned chefs with very different personalities meet and fall in love — after lots of sparks fly, of course! When Sebastian Grayson, chef-owner of New York hotspot Helena, returns to his Cape Cod hometown of Star Harbor to recharge, the last thing he expects is to find professional inspiration. But when he steps foot into the Lexie Meyers' Kitchen and takes one bite of Lexie’s delectable coconut cake, he immediately gets hooked — on her. 

Many people have asked why I chose to focus on chefs. There’s an easy answer: Professional chefs are amazingly sexy! They have intensity, drive, and passion, and they create beautiful, edible things! It’s tough to top that. As you might surmise, cooking plays a big part in the romance. Seb is attracted to Lexie in large part because her culinary skills rival his own. Yet from the get-go, he challenges her – both in the kitchen and out — and she challenges him right back. It was wickedly fun to see which character was going to blink first. His arrogance and her feistiness were so much fun to write, as were all of the cooking scenes!

Because cooking (and in Lexie’s case, baking) is integral to who these characters are, it makes sense that how they interact and relate to each other in the kitchen mirrors their relationship outside of it. At first, Seb invades Lexie’s kitchen, but once he loses (some of) his attitude, Lexie begins to open up. As the two grow closer, Lexie invites him in, and side-by-side, they are able to work together. And when they finally fall in love, they fall in love with each other’s food, as much as they do with each other. 

To me, that’s the most romantic thing of all.

-Elisabeth Barrett

Want to discover Lexie and Sebastian's perfect recipe for romance? Deep Autumn Heat is available for download now with series second, Blaze of Winter, coming in September. And for more contemporary love stories, visit our Everything Romance Page!