Meet the guys (and girl!) from Kelly Group International (KGI)

Romantic suspense is a genre full of hunky heroes and can-do heroines, and we love every action-packed moment of these adventures. So when Maya Banks introduced her private security firm Kelly Group International, we knew that we needed an in-depth look at these heroes (and heroine) that are making us swoon!

KGI is a private firm run by Sam Kelly and his two younger brothers, Garrett and Donovan. They are three of six Kelly brothers, all of whom served in different branches of the U.S. military.

Right now they have two teams, but they plan to build at least one more as they expand their base and operations.

Here’s a run down of the brothers and the two KGI teams:

Sam is the oldest at 36. He tends to be an anal hardass, though the title of “uptight son of a bitch” goes to Garrett Kelly, who is second oldest at 34. Garrett has a weakness for…caramel. Yes, caramel! His caramel hoarding very nearly gets him into trouble in Hidden Away (his book, which releases in March 2011).

Donovan Kelly…Ah Van, as his family calls him. He’s the super sexy geek. Lover of all things techy. His computer is named “Hoss” and he gets cranky when other people touch it. (I just love sexy, smart men!)

Ethan Kelly is an ex Navy SEAL who resigned his commission after is wife, Rachel, miscarried their first child. This caused no end to problems in their rocky marriage. Despite his brothers’ attempts to get him to join KGI, he always resisted. Until he learned that the wife he thought dead was actually alive and being held captive in Colombia. (Their book, The Darkest Hour, was released in September 2010) 

Nathan and Joe Kelly are the youngest and are twins serving in the U.S. Army. They’re still active duty but have every plan of joining their brothers when their tour is up. 

Joe is more devil may care. Often the family prankster. While Nathan is quieter, a bit more serious. He loves jazz and kicking back with a good book. He’s even been known to (secretly) write a little poetry. ;) 

Steele and Rio are the two team leaders and don’t usually see eye to eye…on anything. Rio loves nothing more than to needle Steele. Rio is a recluse as are his men. The others jokingly call Rio and his team cave dwellers—and they’re perfectly fine with that. 

Steele is seen as cold. Untouchable. Nothing gets to him. He gets the job done whatever it takes and no one really every sees beyond the face he puts forward. 

P.J. is the lone woman on the KGI teams and is a crack sniper. A better shot than even Cole, which he’ll only admit to himself but never say aloud. She’s tough, never cracks under pressure and loves to give Cole shit. 

There are several other KGI team members that you’ll get to know better as the series progresses. :) 

In addition to the actual KGI members, the series focuses on the strong family unit of the Kellys. Marlene and Frank Kelly are the matriarch and patriarch of the clan. Marlene keeps her boys in line with an iron fist and lots of hugs and kisses much to their dismay. 

And there are always Marlene’s “strays.” People she takes in and adopts into the family. Sean, the local sheriff’s deputy, and more recently, Rusty, a troubled runaway teen who Marlene is determined to reform. And well, whatever Marlene decrees is pretty inevitable…. 

The KGI series—and the characters—have lived in my head for a long time. I actually started the stories seven years ago (which seems like a lifetime!) And I can only be SO grateful that I didn’t publish them the route I’d originally planned. I had to be patient and put the series away until it was the “right” time. I’m so glad I did. Because now, finally, I get to tell the stories of the Kellys and the people close to them exactly as I had envisioned so long ago. 

These are people very close to my heart and I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!

- Maya Banks

Be sure to check out the latest KGI action, No Place to Run, which is on shelves now! The serie kicked off with September's The Darkest Hour. And below is the first look at the cover of Hidden Away, coming in March!