Meet The Hero Of C.J. Redwine's Defiance

New author C.J. Redwine debuts this month with Defiance, a futuristic tale set in a dystopian world where young women must obey their male protectors. When Rachel Adams' father dies, she is assigned a new protector, Logan McEntire. However, just as Rachel is no proper lady, Logan proves himself to be equally defiant. Logan is dead-set on escaping and he is determined to work with Rachel to fight their city's oppressive ruler for freedom. Today, the author tells us about Logan's background and why readers will find him so appealing. 

Logan McEntire is many things—orphan, inventor, outcast. He’s a brilliant, self-taught inventor who can discuss the laws of physics for hours but can’t figure out how to have a non-awkward conversation with a girl. He’s an opinionated boy who doesn’t speak up unless he’s sure he has something important to say. And he approaches every problem with logic and careful planning.

Basically, if MacGuyver and Sherlock Holmes had a baby, it would be Logan.

But beneath the logic, the science, and the careful planning is a wealth of pain that formed Logan into who he is today. Logan lives in Baalboden, a city-state ruled by the brutal Commander Chase. No one crosses the Commander because his punishments are swift and deadly. No one leaves the city, either, because what waits for them outside of the Commander’s protection is deadlier still. Logan never knew his father, and his mother broke one of the Commander’s laws and paid for it with her life, leaving her only son an orphan at the age of six.

Logan was by her side as she died, and the memory refuses to give him any peace. To add insult to injury, the Commander was so incensed at her crime that he declared Logan an outcast, effectively tossing a six year old onto the roughest streets of Baalboden and leaving him to fend for himself.

Logan spent two hard years hiding beneath trash heaps in alleys from those who preyed on the weak and the helpless, eating what he could steal, and learning the hard way how to plan several escape routes ahead of time because even the most secure location could be compromised.

When he was eight, Oliver, a baker in the city’s outdoor market, took pity on him and began feeding him. Soon after, Oliver offered him shelter as often as possible and taught him to read. Logan soaked up the knowledge in every book Oliver managed to bring to him, and within a few years, he was inventing the kind of tech that could be traded on the black market for money, supplies, and a grudging respect.

The combination of tragedy, hard living, and unexpected kindness from a stranger forged Logan into a young man who despises cruelty, is deeply loyal to the few who love him, and knows how to wield a sword as well as he knows how to use his brain. It also instilled in him the belief that those who have the power to change things for the better also have the responsibility to do so.

His past planted in Logan the seeds of anger that would one day blossom into a full-grown rebellion against the leader who once took everything from him. Using his inventions, his street fighting skills, and the belief that those who hurt the innocent should pay for their crimes, Logan is determined to do the right thing. The Commander will learn the hard way that while brutality inspires fearful obedience in most, sometimes it strips away everything but a burning desire to deliver justice at any cost.

- C.J. Redwine

You can pick up a copy of Defiance, available in stores now. For more teen reads visit our Everything Young Adult Page.