Meet The Heroines From Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet Series - With Giveaway!

Traditional romance novels are usually about one woman getting her HEA. Sometimes she has a friend, co-worker or family member who falls in love in the same book, but as a rule, it is the romance between one hero and one heroine that is the main focus. It is rare to find romance novels where the heroine's friends are as much a part of a woman's story as her hero is. However, Nora Roberts has created just this with her outstanding series the Bride Quartet.

In these books, readers get to know the inner workings of four dynamic characters - Mac, Emma, Laurel and, the binding force behind them all, Parker. These women have been best friends since they were little, and have recently come back together to create a business where each of them is an equal partner. The series starts with the Quartet, as the women are called, living together on an estate outside of New York City planning weddings for bridezillas and loving every second of it. During each of the stories, one of the ladies finds true love, but at no point does this love get in the way of their deep and abiding sisterhood. 

Fans of Nora Roberts have been treated with lasting female friendships before. Examples of this can be found in the Stars of Mithra series, the Dream Trilogy, or from the male POV the Chesapeake Bay Saga. But while in earlier series' this friendship is only a part of the whole story, the Bride Quartet is actually structured around a friendship that oftentimes takes precedence over the character's love lives.

In the Bride Quartet, Roberts goes back to her roots creating amazing contemporary tales that do not have mystery or paranormal elements. These are simply great stories about people that you feel you know, people you want to be friends with. I had the best time meeting these women and I hope you will also. Here is a short introduction to each of characters that you will find in Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet. If you are interested in meeting them yourself, enter the contest at the end of the post.



Vision In White
Mackensie Elliot is a photographer who is very intense about her work. She has an artist's temperament and is impetuous, rushing into things before thinking them through. She tells outrageous jokes and would be the person you would want with you if you were in trouble thanks to her quick wit, sharp comebacks and willingness to wade into a fight to defend others. 



Bed Of Roses
Emma Grant is a romantic. Her open heart and giving spirit draws people to her. When she walks into the room, heads turn - not because she is just beautiful, but because she is full of humor and charm and is just plain fun. Emma would be the friend you would want to be with you when you need to be cheered up. 



Savor The Moment
Laurel McBane is the friend that is a bit of a mystery. She is very private, but has a giving heart. She is vulnerable because she doesn't think that she is worthy of the deep love that others show towards her. It is this vulnerability that makes you want to take care of her and give her a hug. At the core, Laurel is a deep down nice person. She is the friend that you can turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on. She will keep all of your secrets and help you through the hard times.



Happy Ever After
Parker Brown is perfect - or at least seems to be. She keeps herself busy with important projects and is always stylish and composed while doing them. She is the problem solver, the caretaker, the listener. While you think that this perfection would get on your nerves, Parker is often able to let go of her overly uptight nature to let down her hair and just have a girls night in. She is the friend you wish you could be - the one that everyone admires.




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BLOG UPDATE 11/17/2010: And the winners are ... littleredhen, lalibrarybug and Debra V.