Meet Lexxie Couper's Sexy Bodyguard Aslin Rhodes

SAS commando turned bodyguard, the bad guys would definitely not want to meet Lexxie Couper's newest hero, Aslin, in a dark alley. But the same can't be said for heroine Rowan. She will take the strong, sexy man any way she can get him! What went in to crafting this unforgettable hero? Today Lexxie Couper walks us through the making Aslin Rhodes in Muscle for Hire.    

The creation of a sexy-as-sin British bodyguard isn’t easy. It requires hours and hours and hours of research and casting-couching. It’s not an easy job spending hours looking at images of sexy, muscular, intimidating, gorgeous, sexy half-naked men. Why are you laughing? 

Okay, the creation of a sexy-as-sin British bodyguard came relatively easy because Aslin Rhodes, the hero of Muscle for Hire grabbed me in his strong fingers the very second he popped into my head and told me, in his very sexy British accent, that I was going to fall in love with him and write him his very own book. He did this, mind you, on page two of Love’s Rhythm, his boss’s book (that would be Nick Blackthorne, by the way. Sexy Aussie rock god) and every time Aslin made an appearance in that book, he kept staring me down, threatening bodily harm if I didn’t write his book ASAP.

This is how Aslin Rhodes first popped into my head:

Over the years in his service, Aslin Rhodes had evolved from a detached yes-man with muscle to a loyal and honest friend. At times Nick teased him with the title Uncle Aslin, a term the ex-special forces commando pretended to scoff at. Aslin was only two years older than Nick, after all. Today he looked very much the concerned family member—if a somewhat large and menacing one—his black eyebrows drawing together over eyes both sharp and inescapable.

I have to admit, Aslin very quickly took up a lot of space in my head and my muse was quite taken with him. So as soon as I typed The End on Love’s Rhythm, I began prepping for Muscle for Hire. The first thing I did was spend quite a bit of time Googling celebrity bodyguards. Now this, I have to say, was a real education. One that made me glad I’m a fiction writer. The more I researched, the more I decided Aslin Rhodes, ex-British SAS commando would never behave like some of the celebrity bodyguards out there in the real world.

Aslin Rhodes would never…

…feel up his client.

Aslin Rhodes would never…

…grow a ‘stache unless it’s attached to a beard (or a goatee at the least).


Aslin Rhodes would never…

…photobomb a client’s strategic Kodak moment. (Nor sport big, easy-to-grab gold earrings, come to think of it.)


Aslin Rhodes would never…

….write a tell-all book about his clients. Nor wear a baby-powder blue outfit in public (or behind closed doors for that matter). He wouldn’t even wear baby-powder blue boxers.  


Aslin Rhodes would never…

…ever, ever look like this. Ever.


Aslin Rhodes is a figment of my imagination, but honestly, if I were in need of a bodyguard, I’d rather it be him. Who’s with me?

Still need convincing? Allow me to show you Aslin at work, shall I? Read an exclusive excerpt from his book here.

If the excerpt from Muscle For Hire has you wishing you had your very own bodyguard, Aslin Rhodes is available (in e-book form) now! And for more sexy heroes you can get your hands on, check out our Everything Erotica Page!