Meet October's Debut Authors

Readers, we know, are constantly on the lookout for the next great author to add to their “auto buy” list. Always ready to help you spend your money, we are here to introduce you to this month's most promising debut authors across the genres!


Meet: Valerie Bowman

Breaking into: Historical romance with Secrets of A Wedding Night

The story: Widowed Countess of Merrill Lily Andrews will do anything to take down good-for-nothing Devon Morgan, Marquis of Colton. When she learns he's going to wed an innocent, she decides to write an inflammatory pamphlet, "Secrets of A Wedding Night," that sends his bride-to-be running. But Devon's revenge isn't what Lily is expecting, and soon the two are rekindling their romance from a decade ago. When Lily's younger sister runs off, the two find themselves caught up in an entirely different scandal.

Read it if you like … innovative historical romance authors like Sherry Thomas.



Meet: Steve Bein

Breaking into: Urban Fantasy with Daughter of the Sword

The story: One of Tokyo's few female police officers, Mariko Oshiro is upset when her sexist boss moves her from narcotics to property theft cases. When she investigates an elderly man's missing sword, she thinks the case is a crock until she discovers that the victim is one of Japan's most respected senseis and the sword holds a dangerous power over any man who uses it. With her sister's life on the line, Mariko must get the sword back in safe hands before it's too late.

Read if you likeCharlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books or Kevin J. Anderson's Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. series.



Meet: Penny Hancock

Breaking into: Mainstream fiction with Kept in the Dark

The story: Wife and mother Sonia appears to be an average middle-aged London woman, but still troubled by long-hidden feelings for a childhood crush, Sonia snaps when she meets teenage boy Jez. She drugs him and ties him up for her own keeping, hiding him from her husband and grown daughter. The details revealed about Sonia's past are disturbing, but she's willing to do anything in order to keep Jez.

Read if you likeDavid Zimmerman's twisted tale Caring is Creepy or V.C. Andrews' early work.



Meet: Tina Connolly

Breaking into: Fantasy with Ironskin

The story: In order to contain the dangerous fey curse that plagues her, Jane must hide her face behind an iron mask. When the Great War between humans and the fey ends, Jane takes a job as a governess caring for a young girl also haunted by the fey. Jane is determined to teach her how to behave in human society, but can't help but take an interest in the girl's father, an artist with secrets of his own.

Read if you like … Jane Austen-inspired fantasy, such as Mary Robinette Kowal's work.



Meet: Rachel Harris

Breaking into: Young Adult with My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century

The story: Cat Crawford isn't like other teenage girls her age. Not interested in crowds and popularity, she would much rather experience the culture and art of Rome for her sixteenth birthday than have a big party. Cat doesn't think she'll get her wish, until a mysterious Gypsy transports her back to sixteenth century Florence! Cat thinks her dream has finally come true, until things become complicated when a suitor asks for her hand in marriage.

Read if you like … Kerstin Gier's Ruby Red trilogy starter Sapphire Blue.


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