Meet Shannon K. Butcher's Newest Alpha Hero

Alpha men may make some of the best romance heroes, but let’s face it, these characters can be jerks. A lot of the time, alphas heroes are written as dominate, overbearing and bossy. Sure their protectiveness and bad boy qualities are great in the fantasy world of a book, but in real life this kind of attention could drive a girl nuts.

However, in the new paranormal e-novella, “Bound By Vengeance” by Shannon K. Butcher, the author’s alpha hero is pitch perfect. Liam Lann is a true warrior, a Sentinel who has been fighting for hundreds of years against the Synestryn. But Liam’s time is almost up. He can no longer contain the magic that courses through his body, which makes him dangerous. Without a mate, Sentinels eventually become so ravaged by pain of their magic that they seek their own death.

However, finding a mate is not easy for Sentinels. The population of Theronai women has been basically wiped out, which means mates are very rare and the chances of Liam finding his own is almost nonexistent. So it comes as a real surprise when Liam touches the supposedly human Dakota Kacey and realizes that she is not only a Theronai woman, but his mate. This means that Dakota can take on Liam’s magic to make herself infinitely stronger and relieve his suffering.

Now, most alpha characters would be not hesitate to claim his mate, however, this is not the case with Liam. Sure he has all of the usual possessive/protective traits of an alpha, but Liam also has an unselfish heart. He recognizes that Dakota is special and instead of forcing her to be bound to him, Liam leaves the decision in her hands. He wants the best for Dakota and if that means a life without him, then so be it.

In a real reversal of what it means to be an alpha, Liam doesn’t show his strength by going after what he wants, but instead by not going after the girl. And because of this, Dakota realizes pretty quickly that there is nothing sexier than a man who respects a woman’s wishes. Liam Lann is certainly an alpha for the ages!

Interested in spending more time with Liam? Make sure to check out the just-released e-read “Bound By Vengeance” to see exactly what convinces Dakota that there’s no better hero than this Sentinel warrior. And for more supernatural men who will make you swoon, be sure to check out our Everything Paranormal Romance Page!