Meet Three “Legally Hot” Heroes In A New Romantic Suspense Anthology

I love reading about a man in uniform. Firefighters, cops, soldiers. You really can’t go wrong with a hero that has dedicated his life to serving and protecting. And picking up the anthology Legally Hot I got to meet three especially hot heroes. These short stories include more than just a delicious helping of yummy men, each quick read also has several other key standout aspects. This collection is infused with high-stakes suspense, heroines in peril and some seriously scary bad guys.

Here is a rundown of what’s in store for readers:

“Shelia’s Passion” by Lora Leigh

This story starts with Sheila and Nick in bed, and ends with them in the same place. These two heat up the sheets every chance they get; unfortunately their mutually satisfying relationship is not all good, all the time. Nick is a security expert working undercover for the government and there may, or may not, be an assassin on his trail. This issue that is compounded by the fact that Sheila has some serious trust issues left over from her last relationship. Communication between the two main characters is virtually nonexistent, which makes it necessary for their bodies to do the speaking. (Thankfully, this is something both Sheila and Nick do well, and often.) If you are looking for a super hot tale with major fireworks between the hero and heroine then “Shelia’s Passion” is won’t just satisfy — it will satiate your desires.

“Deadly Dance” by Cheyenne McCray

Psychotic criminal Edward Carter has affected the lives of both cop Adam and dancer Keri. However, the pair’s paths don’t cross until Edward is released from jail on a technicality. As a police officer, Adam wants protect Keri from Edward, who blames Kerri for his incarceration and wants his own warped version of justice. As a man, Adam has his own reasons for hating Edward, he wants to avenge his partner who was killed while capturing Edward. This is a not-so-romantic premise, but McCray turns it into a sweet story of love everlasting by infusing her writing with adorable banter and inside jokes that really make Adam and Keri shine. From their extremely cute first date (during which a nervous Adam accidentally spills water on Keri — twice) to the shared “I love yous” at the end, these characters are really something special and their story is one that you’ll want to re-read time and again.

“Caught” by Red Garnier

When they were teens, Megan liked Cody and Cody liked Megan. Unfortunately, Cody’s evil twin brother, Ivan, also liked Megan. Furious that Megan didn’t return his feelings, in a murderous rage Ivan kills the boys’ parents and flees. Now, years have passed and Cody and Megan still like each other. However, the deaths in their past cast a long shadow, so instead of being romantically involved the pair has settled on being best friends. But when Ivan returns to claim Megan once and for all, Cody realizes just how much she means to him and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. It’s hard not to get caught up in a story that has such a heartless monster. And what makes Ivan even scarier is that he can actually pass for normal — and does — by assuming his twin’s identity. Red Garnier has done it again; this is a fantastically dark tale with an even darker villain!

Steamy heroes, sizzling passion and killers that will make your blood run cold, Legally Hot is everything a reader could want in a romantic suspense anthology. But don’t take my word for it, you can pick up your own copy in stores and online today! For more genre news and coverage visit our Everything Romance Page.