Meet Two Debut Authors Who Are Part Of The Dark Days Of Supernatural Giveaway!

Today two YA authors chat about their paranormal YA novels and give you a special look at the making of their debut paranornal tales, Die for Me by Amy Plum and Josephine Angelini’s Starcrossed. (And then don’t miss your chance to win these new novels and more in the Dark Days of Supernatural giveaways all month long!)

Amy Plum Joesephine Angelini

Hi everyone. Josephine Angelini and Amy Plum here, interviewing each other from 9 time zones apart between California and the Loire Valley. Since this is RT, we thought we would do a special romance-themed interview.

Amy: There are so many layers to Starcrossed: the supernatural theme, Helen’s personal struggles as an extraordinary teenager abandoned as a baby by her mother, and the *sigh* budding romance with Lucas. As you mapped out the book, did any of these themes take precedence for you? And now that you’ve written the book and its sequel Dreamless, do any outweigh the others in your mind?

Josephine: For me, I had to spend a lot of time working on the mythology and getting all my facts straight—so the love story was a piece of cake compared to that! In Dreamless, I amp up the action and danger, but I also introduce a rival for Lucas, so the love story stays center stage.

Amy, tell us a bit about your journey writing Die for Me. Did you always intend for it to be a love story, or did you start with your fantastic new monsters, Revenants, and build the love story from there?

Amy: Above everything, I wanted Die for Me to be a love story. So my first concern was coming up with my two central characters. The words “Ten days after I got my driver’s license, my parents died in a car wreck” popped into my mind and Kate sprang from that one sentence. After that, I began searching for the type of boy that Kate would fall for...and part of that was deciding what type of creature he could be.

So, Josie, I know you’re a sci-fi and fantasy fan. (You once confessed to me your childhood dream of becoming a Jedi knight.) Before writing Starcrossed:, had you ever read much romance?

Josephine: I still want to be a Jedi Knight—how cool would it be to move things with your mind? Anyway! I may be a giant geek at heart, but I have read my fair share of romance as well. Jane Austin was big in my house growing up, as were historical romances in general. I’m also a sucker for 80’s movies like Pretty in Pink and Splash that have strong love stories and end with a big, fat kiss.

And what about you? I know you played some Dungeons and Dragons in high school (I think you officially out-geek me with that one, btw), but did you also read any romance? And just how do you feel about a good old 80’s date movie?

Amy: I would like to correct you on the fact that my D&D phase was in junior high, Josie. By high school I had learned to hide my geek-ness a bit better. And yes—I had a Barbara Cartland obsession when I was around 14, during which I read every single one of her books in the Emmet O’Neal library (our local in Birmingham, Alabama). One a day. For the whole summer. My mom read historical romances, and convinced me to read a few with her so that we could swoon over the heroes together. And then when Chick Lit (and Bridget Jones) came along, I was once again hit hard.

Brat Pack? Yes, please. Since you’ve already claimed Pretty in Pink, I’d probably have to choose Say Anything and Sixteen Candles as my faves. I still get tears in my eyes when Molly Ringwald kisses that dark-haired hottie over the cake. Although I do like some quirk with my romance. Like La Femme Nikita and Edward Scissorhands.

Speaking of hot fictional guys like Edward (Scissorhands) and your very own Lucas, what kind of guy do you go for in real life? And do your criteria differ at all for the guys you fall for “between the pages”?

Josephine: I write the guys that I would fall for. Lucas is, of course, very similar to my husband—that’s why I married him! But I’ve crushed on guys like Hector, Jason and Orion (next book). I think that if I find a guy pant-worthy than other women may as well. Write what you know, right?

So, who’s [your hero] Vincent? *grins*

Amy: I totally went with “write what you know” for Vincent’s looks. My husband is an olive-skinned, black-haired sexy French guy, although I changed his eye color from green to blue so I could say it wasn’t him. (Yeah, right.) Personality-wise, however, Vincent is totally his own man.

So I’m with you on writing guys I would fall for. I also have a serious crush on my character Jules. But he’s an artist. I’ve dated artists and musicians in the past. And I have to say...that is one crush that I will keep to fictional boys. In real life, I’ve sworn off them for good!

You can check out Amy Plum’s Die for Me in stores now and be sure to mark your calendars, Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini will be released on May 31st. And you can enter to win both these books and five other new and upcoming paranormal YA tales each week this month with our Dark Days of Supernatural Giveaways!

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