Melissa Marr's First Novel For Adults Graveminder Optioned For Television Series

This month Melissa Marr releases her first adult novel, the paranormal fiction Graveminder. The novel, which got a Top Pick from RT's Senior Reviewer Jill Smith, has already been optioned for a television series. It was picked up by Ken Olin, the same man responsible for the popular shows Alias and Brothers & Sisters! The deal was made at the 2011 RT Booklovers Convention, but just recently announced. 

Graveminder wowed RT's Smith who says of Marr's latest, "In her atmospheric and eerie tale, readers and protagonists jointly discover the secrets literally buried in this small town as Marr weaves a richly gothic tale filled with curses, responsibility and death."

The story follows Rebekkah Barrow who must return to the quiet town of her childhood, Claysville, to burry her grandmother. But when Bek gets there, she learns that she must also assume her grandmother's position as the town's Graveminder, keeping the dead from rising again. As Rebekkah attempts to adapt to her new role, the job also throws her back together with the town's Undertaker, Byron Montgomery, the man that both she and her deceased sister loved. And that's before Bek and Byron begin trying to solve the murder of a local teen in order keep her angry spirit from doing any permanent damage to the people of Clayville.

If that doesn't sound like the perfect set-up for a series, we don't know what does. There is no word yet on who will star in this haunting tale of murder, love and the un-dead, but we will let you know as soon as there is more news.

For more on Graveminder, which will hit shelves on May 17th, you can visit Melissa Marr's Website here >>