Michael Crichton's Classics Are Going Digital

Dinosaurs, super viruses and killer primates, oh my … Michael Crichton, that is! Nine of this prolific author’s chilling tales are now available as e-reads for the first time. The famous author and creator passed away in 2008; however, as his stories were techno thrillers and science-y suspenses, we bet that enjoying them on our e-readers will feel absolutely fitting.

If you’ve never tried a Crichton story, now’s the perfect time to get a taste for these haunting tales. RT BOOK REVIEWS Features Editor Mala raves about the authors work saying, “There’s no denying that Crichton was ahead of the game for thrillers. He wrote edge-of-your-seat, science-based adventures that always kept me turning pages!” Intrigued readers should head to their favorite online bookseller to get a piece of all this terrifying reading action.

Mala revealed that she will be picking up her own copy of Jurassic Park. “The reason it became a blockbuster movie, and spawned a franchise, is because it was a fantastic read. I’m looking forward to owning a digital copy of this awesome, groundbreaking book.” But that is just one of the nine titles being offered. Can’t decide where to start? Here’s our handy guide:

Did you love Outbreak and believe that when it comes to alien life forms, the government can’t be trusted? Then The Andromeda Strain is right for you!

If you want a jungle adventure, complete with an ape that speaks sign language but may be leading scientists into a danger which potentially no one will survive, be sure to “book” a trip into the Congo.

Do tales set in ancient times get your heart racing? The thriller, Eaters of the Dead, is set in 922 A.D. and based on journal entries recorded by an Arab who actually traveled with Vikings.

If 922 A.D. is further back in time than you’d like to go, you can visit 1855 London for a fictionalized account of a true crime committed by a gentleman thief, The Great Train Robbery.

A Sphere spaceship discovered on the floor of the Pacific Ocean is at the center (pardon our pun) of this mystery about all of the unexplained powers of the human mind.

You can see all nine newly released digital books here. To learn more about the ever-growing work of digital publishing, be sure to check out RT’s Everything E-Books Page!