A Million Dollar Thriller Debut - Is It Worth It?

British author Steven J. Watson's debut novel, Before I Go To Sleep is set to be published stateside by HarperCollins. Not much is known about this psychological suspense novel except that the story follows the life of an amnesiac woman who wakes up each morning with no memory of the last twenty years of her life. She reads her journals in an attempt to discover the truth about her life.

HarperCollins is rumored to have paid a million dollars for Watson's novel, but I am skeptical that it will be worth it. I just don't think it is a good sign when the first thing that comes to mind when reading a book's synopsis is a thinly disguised plot for a Drew Barrymore Rom-Com or even worse, a 1994 "comedy" staring Dana Carvey.

But perhaps it wasn't such a bad buy after all. If nothing else, the hefty price tag on a previously unknown author will have me keeping a close eye on this book which is slated to release in early 2011.