Mindy Klasky's Genie In A Bottle

What would you wish for if a genie offered to make your dreams come true? A healthy family? The perfect job? A chance with your one true love? The possibilities seem endless! In author Mindy Klasky's newest novel, To Wish Or Not To Wish, a genie agrees to grant Erin Hollister three wishes. But with only three chances to get it right, she’s faced with a serious dilemma. So, we asked the author what she would wish for... 

One genie... Multiple wishes... When I started to write the As You Wish series, I let my imagination run wild with possibilities.

Okay. For storytelling purposes, I needed to put a limit on the wishes my characters could make. I mean, world peace, the eradication of poverty, and a cure for all diseases might make for a wonderful place to live out the rest of our natural lives, but as background for a romance? Not so much fun...

Enter the concept of Grand Wishes - the ones that take so much time, effort, and energy that a genie can't really be trusted to get the job done. That leaves "real" wishes - the pet desires of my characters, and myself.

And what would I wish for, if I had three not-Grand Wishes at my disposal?

1. Money and time to travel the world as much as I desired, to see new and different and exciting people and places on a regular basis (not to mention harvesting story ideas from every corner of the globe!) 

2. The ability to go without sleep, so that I could use those otherwise-wasted hours to catch up on all the reading that I would love to have the time to do.

3. A publisher to bring to market every single one of my novels - those already written and those that are only ideas sitting on the to-be-written stack!

To get the comment ball rolling here on the RT blog, I asked Maria Snyder (author of the recently released Spy Glass) what she would wish for. Her immediate reply was good health for herself and her family. And Jeri Smith-Ready (author of Bring On The Night) makes a wish in honor of Banned Book Week: that every library could receive 1000 new books a year, and none of them would ever be banned!

So? What about you? If Teel-the-genie were sitting in your living room, ready to grant you a wish, what would you ask for? You can read about one woman's choice in To Wish or Not To Wish, the third installment of the As You Wish Series!

- Mindy Klasky