Molly McAdams' Hero Chase Writes A Special Love Note To Harper - With Exclusive Excerpt

On her own for the first time as a freshman in college, Harper from Molly McAdams' new adult novel Taking Chances deals with some major life changes. And one of the biggest is whether or not to give her heart to Chase, her roommate's older brother. The romance between Chase and Harper is not easy, but intense emotions make it impossible for them to stay apart. In Taking Chances, readers get the story from Harper's point of view, but what was Chase going through during the beginning of this tumultuous relationship? We will get to find out soon when companion novella "Stealing Harper" releases in a few weeks. But as we already know, communicating his feelings is difficult for Chase, so today this tattooed bad boy stops by the RT Daily Blog to share a mixtape he made for Harper along with a special message to show his true feelings. And then at the end of the post we have an exclusive excerpt from "Stealing Harper".

You drive me absolutely crazy, we fight each other on everything, but you’re all I can think about and you’re all I want. Our story may not be conventional, but it’s ours, and I wouldn’t trade one moment with you for anything. I feel like these songs tell our story better than I’d ever be able to, and our story is one that should be heard. Listen, and know that from the beginning, you’ve always been it for me.

So here you go, Princess, this is us … this is for you.

1. "The Only Hope For Me Is You" - Gavin Mikhail

2. "Cadence" (acoustic version) - Anberlin 

3. "One More Night" - Maroon 5

4. "I Can't Stay Away" - The Veronicas

5. "Poison & Wine" - The Civil Wars

6. "I Won't Give Up" - Elise Lieberth  

7. "Crazier" - Taylor Swift

8. "Wake Up" (explicit & acoustic version) - Coheed & Cambria

9. "Endlessly" - The Cab

- Chase from "Stealing Harper"

Want to listen to these songs? Here’s a link to the full mixtape — curated by Molly McAdams herself — on Spotify. 


I couldn’t help but smile at her; she looked like a fierce little kitten the way she was glowering at me. Her eyes lost their anger and her cheeks reddened slightly as her eyes locked on my lips. I doubt she realized she had pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and was currently biting onto that perfectly full, soft looking lip. I tilted my head to the side and smirked at her, I knew that look. Hell yeah. This was gonna be fun. Oh, sweetheart I am going to break your heart. “Now who are you?”

She blinked rapidly and a determined look came over her face as she tried to get out of my grasp. No way in hell was I letting her leave yet.

“What, you're too good to tell me?”

Her expression deadpanned and her eyes shifted to my left, then down to my waist. Shit, I’d forgotten about Natalie. One of her eyebrows arched and she looked at me like I disgusted her, “Apparently.”

Excuse me? Who the hell did this girl think she was? She’s going to look at me, and talk to me like that at my party in my house? She was looking at me like she was royalty and I was some peasant in her way.

If you can't wait to get more Chase and Harper, you can preorder "Stealing Harper" here. And readers can also get a chance to buy "Stealing Harper" before its release date! "Like" the novella's Facebook page and the story will be available early. For more genre news, check out our Everything Young Adult Page