Morgan And Dawn Dish: All He Ever Dreamed By Shannon Stacey

And another Kowalski bites the dust! Long time fans of Shannon Stacey’s contemporary series will be overjoyed that the youngest Kowalski is getting his own romance in this month’s All He Ever Dreamed. As the “baby brother” Josh has been chosen to stay in Whitford, Maine to run the family’s lodge. However, Josh is not happy with this plan. He wants out so he can see the world — even though this means leaving his best friend Katie Davis. But what happens when Katie stops being just “one of the guys” and becomes Josh’s one-and-only? Lots of false starts, second guesses and some major life decisions. Whether you have been following this series, or looking for a fun contemporary read, RT’s Morgan and Dawn are here to get you up to speed on the latest Kowalski romance.

Morgan: With his looks, charm and humor, it is almost hard to feel sorry for hero Josh.

Dawn: Really? I don’t get that at all. I immediately felt for this guy. He is burdened with the task of caretaking his family’s lodge, doing a job day in and day out that he dislikes just because the rest of his siblings have all moved on.

Morgan: Okay, when you put it like that, Josh does have a lot on his shoulders. But he does have help. Rosie Davis, the long term lodge housekeeper and surrogate mother figure is pretty great. She does the cleaning, baking and overall making the lodge a home, even if it is filled up with guests.

Dawn: But Rosie is sick in the hospital and Josh is looking down the barrel of the winter season when Northern Star will be inundated with tourists all looking to go snowmobiling in Maine.

Morgan: Good thing Rosie isn’t the only Davis woman. Her daughter, Katie, essentially grew up at the lodge so when Josh finds himself in a corner, she steps in to help.

Dawn: Dear, sweet, misguided Katie. She has loved Josh her whole life — no exaggeration! She was literally in third grade when she fell for him. But does he show any romantic interest in her. Noooo.

Morgan: And you feel sorry for Josh!

Dawn: Well, not as bad as I do for Katie. She is a seriously great woman. Funny, smart and hardworking — she’s a catch I tell you, a total catch.

Morgan: But the only thing that Josh has “caught” is a bad case of best friend-itis.

Dawn: Josh is such a guy. He has Katie firmly placed in the buddy category.

Morgan: And she has been waiting her entire life to be moved into another category. Everyone sees it, everyone knows it, but Josh.

Dawn: But Katie doesn’t use cheap tricks or manipulative games. She is comfortable with who she is and not willing to change herself to get a man’s attention. Even if that man is Josh.

Morgan: She gets advice to put on some lipstick and mascara and maybe that will make him come around...

Dawn: And Katie says that if she isn’t enough for him now, then it’s Josh’s loss. So she tries to move on. She really does.

Morgan: Until her mom gets sick and convinces Katie that she needs to move into the lodge in order to help Josh out.

Dawn: Ah, meddling mothers. Where would a good Rom Com be without them?

Morgan: Well in Katie and Josh’s case, probably nowhere because even after they are under the same roof … let’s just say that slow doesn’t begin to describe the pace that their relationship moves at.

Dawn: Turtles are faster than this guy. An awesome, desirable woman who loves him. Come on already!

Morgan: Hey, now. Their friendship is very important to Josh. I totally respect this about him. Sure he could go for a quick tumble in the barn with Katie, but where would that leave her? Brokenhearted if Josh is ever able to find his way out of his responsibilities.

“I love Katie, you know? Like I love Rosie and you and ... family. What if I take this step

and really fall in love with her?”

“Maybe you’re meant to.”

“And what if I do and I never leave and eventually I feel the same way about her as I do

about the lodge?”

Dawn: I do like that Josh is thinking about Katie.

Morgan: And he thinks of her a lot more when, on on a midnight raid on the fridge, Josh sees Katie in her jammies.

Dawn: AKA a tiny tank top and boxer shorts.

Morgan: It is pretty clear that the attraction is no longer one sided.

Dawn: But he fights it.

Morgan: Josh is running scared, poor baby.

Dawn: Which has him acting all weird — something Katie doesn’t like at all. At one point, at the height of the awkward when-are-they-just-going-to-do-it stage, Katie tells Hailey that she would rather forgo the whole romance thing if it meant getting her best friend back.

Morgan: Am I the only one that totally loved this Hailey character? A town librarian and self proclaimed “spinster”, even though she is in her early 30s. This lady just cracked me up every time she was on the page.

Dawn: I LOVED the scene they were in the diner and Hailey is coming up with ways to get Katie and Josh together.

Morgan: And Hailey claims that Katie should use her feminine wiles only to bemoan the fact that Katie doesn’t have any feminine wiles.

Dawn: But then it turns out that Katie doesn’t need wiles because she has found the way to her man’s heart and it is … well through his heart. With genuine friendship and caring.

Morgan: Not to mention a bit of hanky panky in a very large piece of wilderness equipment called a groomer.

Dawn: Which everyone knows about and ribs them about. The perils of living in a small town.

Morgan: This is the Kowalski clan we are discussing. It is Josh’s brother’s duty to make fun of him. Not to mention the rest of Whitford.

Dawn: I don’t know what Josh doesn’t like about this town. It seems like such a quaint, fun place to live.

Morgan: Well, maybe Katie can change his mind about leaving. Readers will just have to pick up a copy for themselves to see what happens!

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