Morgan And Whitney Dish: Anne Hope's Soul Bound

Anne Hope’s Soul Bound is the last in our month long e-book Dishes, so we are ending with a paranormal tale that will have readers up all night. Hero and heroine Jace Cutler and Lia Benson seem mismatched his unusual supernatural heritage inspires those around him to sink into a deep and self-destructive depression, while she is a doctor devoted to helping others. Now, we all know what they say about opposites attracting, but with a pack of rogue part-angels on their heels, will Jace and Lia even get a chance to explore their feelings (and the passion that connects them)? Read on to find out ...

Whitney: The RT reviewer was right on when she said that Soul Bound will appeal to Sherrilyn Kenyon’s fans. I also think followers of Shannon K. Butcher will have a new favorite with Anne Hope. 

Morgan: I agree! Butcher, Kenyon and Hope have lots of great things in common, especially their delicious dark and dangerous heroes. In the case of this book, Soul Bound, readers are introduced to Jace Cutler. 

Whitney: Now here is a guy that is the definition of a bad boy. We first meet him when he goes into a bar to pick a fight with whoever is looking for one. 

Morgan: Which lands Jace in the hospital with a punctured lung from a stab wound. 

Whitney: But what should be a fatal injury literally disappears and Jace is completely healed, much to the confusion of his doctor Lia Benson. 

Morgan: But Jace has bigger problems than a flustered doc. He has amnesia with no way of knowing who, or what, he is. The only thing he does remember is being told that he is an “Angel of death and destruction. Spawn of the fallen.” (AKA a Hybrid, the offspring of a human and angel coupling.)

Whitney: But even though these Hybrids are part angel, readers shouldn’t expect fluffy wings, pearly gates or choral music in this book. These angel progeny have an urge, a dark and urgent urge … to eat your soul! 

Morgan: To get their “soul food” (pardon the pun), these Hybrids have all sorts of powers: speed, strength, mind control … 

Whitney: Now hold on, you’re making it sound like it’s open hunting season on humans all the time, when it is not that simple!

Morgan: Right, right, because while all Hybrids want to eat souls, the Watchers —  a group of Hybrids that have gone “vegetarian” — do their best to keep a lid on the population of rogues, the Kleptopsychs and unified evil Hybrids who are under the command of Soul Bound’s Big Bad, Athanatos.

Whitney: Okay, so that’s a lot of information there, which I think accurately reflects the story. Just when you think you have pinned down all of the players, another bad guy or group is identified. However, the author does it in such a fluid way that readers will never get confused. Instead, all of this action and character complexity just adds to the richness of the tale.

Morgan: I absolutely enjoyed the many layers in Soul Bound. First and foremost it is a romance, however, the story also will have you reflecting on some pretty weighty issues like: What exactly is a soul? What is the definition of evil? And can someone be evil even if they don’t mean to be? 

Whitney: These are all questions that all Hybrids wrestle since they unintentionally draw darkness towards them, which influences those around them — leading to violence, depression, even madness and suicide.

Morgan: But Hybrids can’t control the feelings that they inspire in others — which left me wondering if that makes what they do less bad?

Whitney: Well, Lia certainly doesn’t see Hybrids as evil. Or at least she doesn’t see Jace that way. 

Morgan: From hanging out in dive bars and picking deadly fights, to the massive number of women he’s (purposefully) cheated on and (accidentally) inspired to commit suicide, nothing about Jace seems to phase Lia.

Whitney: Jace is definitely no Prince Charming at the story’s beginning, but he does have one great thing going for him — utter and complete loyalty towards Lia. He will do anything — anything — to make sure she is safe and happy. And this is why Lia is so easy to forgive Jace’s multitude of sins.

Morgan: But there is one thing that does make the heroine act cautiously despite their overwhelming attraction. It’s the fact that Jase recently dated Lia’s sister, Cassie, and broke the poor girl’s heart. 

Whitney: I think this would make anyone think twice about a relationship. And Cassie is not the most stable person to begin with, thinking that her sister stole her man would really push her over the edge.

Morgan: So even though Lia and Jace have some truly amazing chemistry, Lia backs off. 

Whitney: I really liked this about her. It really showcases her character. 

Morgan: She’s honorable and loyal, and also spends a lot of her time thinking of others. 

Whitney: Which makes sense because she is a doctor, a healer and nurturer. Honestly, it is no surprise she is drawn to Jace. He is the very definition of wounded hero.

He was an observer, an outcast, someone who went through the motions of living even though he felt half dead inside. Darkness coursed through his veins, a shadow he’d spent most of his life trying to subdue, one that fought to break free and take him over...

Morgan: And Lia is the perfect match for him. She has so much life force in her, her soul literally glows. When Jace first sees Lia he thinks:

She was so damn bright, he needed a frigging pair of sunglasses just to look at her. 

Whitney: Just like Jace’s darkness infects those around him, Lia’s light saturates Jace. When he is with her, he suddenly has purpose. He knows that no matter what, it is his responsibility to keep her safe. In a single moment of being with Lia his past life and mistakes are done and he is ready to move on. 

Morgan: The only problem is that his old life is not done with him. The evil Hybrids want to destroy Jace before he can hurt them and the Watchers want Jace on their side to fulfill a mystical prophecy. 

Whitney: A prophecy that Jace wants no part of. All he wants is Lia.

Morgan: But there is something still dark and evil within Jace that he doesn’t have control over. And if he is not careful, it will destroy Lia.

Whitney: Something he is not willing to risk.

Can Lia and Jace find a way to be together? You can download a copy of Soul Bound from Anne Hope to find out! Next week Whitney and Morgan will be at BookExpo America, so there won’t be a Dish. However, the week after that get ready for their take on Along Came A Duke which starts Elizabeth Boyle’s new historical series Rhymes With Love.