Morgan And Whitney Dish: Katie MacAlister's It’s All Greek To Me

What do you get when you cross a Greek playboy, an opinionated author-turned-band manager named Eglantine and a secluded island paradise? It’s All Greek To Me by Katie MacAlister.

Morgan: You know those stories that are super realistic? With characters that you recognize from your everyday life? This is not one of those books.

Whitney: Yeah, the folks in It’s All Greek To Me are living the good life. 

Morgan: Hero Iakovos Papaioannou (and isn’t that a mouthful?) is a captain of industry. He’s making business deals with all of the most important people in the world, he’s so handsome he could be a model and, oh yeah, he is the world’s fifth most eligible bachelor. 

Whitney: And let’s not forget that he is, in the words of heroine Eglantine, “a gazzilionare”.

Morgan: The heroine, who goes by “Harry” (which is understandable because, really, who wants to be known as Eglantine), has it pretty cozy as well. She’s a bestselling author and because she can work from anywhere, an impromptu trip to Greece in order to act as a manager for a teen band is all in a day’s work for her.

Whitney: She is quite the versatile character. Besides her writing, she is also a champion swimmer, musician ...

Morgan: Not to mention she is like six feet tall and a force to be reckoned with.

Whitney: Um, it’s no joke when Iakovos calls her an Amazon.

Morgan: I like when he likens her to a “summer storm at sea”. Feisty is an understatement for this heroine.

Whitney: And there’s that crazy hair … honestly I can’t say that Harry is a heroine I’d want to be, but I’d certainly love to be friends with her. 

Morgan: Me too, I mean, it would be worth it just to see what she is going to say next. The woman has absolutely no filter whatsoever. Like when she backs Iakovos into a corner in the first few chapters.

“Are you threatening me?”

“You bet your incredibly attractive and probably hard enough to bounce a quarter off ass I am!”

Whitney: If a guy said that to me, I’d be flabbergasted, but coming out of Harry’s mouth, it’s just funny. She really does torture “Yakky”. 

Morgan: I think this is the first time that Iakovos has ever been teased by a woman.

Whitney: He’s pretty old school. Ordering everyone else in his life around, but this just doesn’t work for Harry. 

Morgan: She is definitely not the kind of woman he thought he’d end up with. Before Harry, it was all about tiny blond women with perfect hair and makeup. Then Harry comes along and bulldozes into his life. 

Whitney: She was only suppose to be stay on his private island for a few days, but she just sort of moves right in and decides not to leave.

Morgan: Not that Iakovos has a problem with this. In fact, he is the one who moves all of Harry’s stuff into his room. 

Whitney: Honestly, he reminds me of a series romance hero, the story could have totally had the title The Greek Gazillionaire’s Wayward Woman. 

Morgan: Or The Boss And The Amazon ...

Whitney: And it’s not just Iakavos’ behavior that has me thinking about series romances, his relationship with Harry hits high gear in the first couple of pages a la a category-length story.

Morgan: They do fall in love really fast —

Whitney: Not that he will admit it out loud.

Morgan: I love how he teases her — refusing to say the actual words.

Whitney: But because they are so together so quickly, this leaves the rest of the book for them to go on adventures and learn more about each other.

Morgan: And while there are small roadblocks to their happily-ever-after —

Whitney: Like a certain scheming ex-girlfriend...

Morgan: And an obnoxious brother who is perpetually drunk...

Whitney: It is kind of smooth sailing for them. 

Morgan: Which leaves lots of time for them to jet set to exotic locales.

Whitney: Looking outside on this cold New York day, I wish I were on my own private island in Greece.

Morgan: You and me both.

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