Morgan & Whitney Dish: Primal Law by J.D. Tyler

Author JD Tyler (the pen name for Jo Davis who also writes contemporary romances and eroticas) will keep fans on their toes with this all-new paranormal series starter. Fast-paced and suspenseful, Primal Law, the first in the Alpha Pack series will appeal to J.R. Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon fans. But don’t be surprised if these sexy shifters leave you howling for more ...

Whitney: One thing I can say is for those readers looking for a leisurely, sweet read, Primal Law is not for you because this author doesn’t know the meaning of the word slow. The story has deadly fighting, sweaty sex and paranormal creatures literally coming out of the woodwork! 

Morgan: And that is just in the first couple of chapters.

Whitney: In the prologue, we meet hero Jaxon Law as he and his of team Navy SEAL shapeshifters are caught in an ambush. In the course of a few pages Jax loses his best friends in the fighting and learns that his lover, Beryl, is the one responsible for their deaths. 

Morgan: But Beryl is crafty. And unlike a James Bond villain, she doesn’t reveal the larger conspiracy at work so Jax, and the reader, are left to separate the goods guys from the bad. 

Whitney: The story picks up just six months later, which is not a whole lot of time, but there have been some really important changes to the Alpha Pack. 

Morgan: They have a new leader, Nick, who is a natural born shifter (unlike Jax and the rest of the team, who were created when rogue weres attacked the team). And they’ve moved to a compound deep in the Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming. 

Whitney: And they are all about to meet Kira Locke, the lab technician who has just stolen samples of tissue from NewLife, the shady medical company that she works for. 

Morgan: Things are definitely hinky at NewLife because sooner than Kira knows it, she’s being chased out of the building by two armed guys in suits who are determined to get the samples back. 

Whitney: I really loved that Kira’s poor yellow Camry just can’t stand up to the cars the baddies are driving in this chase scene. The moment felt so real, you know? Like even if I was like “oh yeah, I’m going to go steal some lab samples” that wouldn’t mean that I’d automatically know how to drive aggressively so as to avoid the people that were chasing me — or that I’d even have a car handy that could keep up with that kind of driving. I felt that this was an great way to meet the heroine.

Morgan: I was more interested in how we meet Jax. The prologue aside, when he first appears, he pretty much seems like a total player. I mean, he can’t seem to think of anything other than the women he wants to sleep with. 

Whitney: The author does something here that I think some fans will be surprised by, she has Jax actually engage in sexual acts with women other than Kira. 

Morgan: I pretty much universally have a problem with this kind of set up. But I will give it to Jax that when he reforms, boy, does he reform.

Whitney: Yeah, he does do a lot of growing. Plus, lets not forget that Kira has her own “unexpected sexytime-esque encounter” with Jax’s pack brother, Aric, right after she arrives at the compound.

Morgan: You mean when he “lays a wet one on her”?

Whitney: And Jax goes all possessively ridiculous and the pair shift into their wolf-y selves and start fighting in the hallway? Yes, that is absolutely what I am referring to.

Morgan: Well to talk about that, we have to explain how Kira ends up at the Alpha Pack compound to begin with.

Whitney: It all starts when Jax shifts in front of Kira to rip the bad guys to shreds. Totally intense. And you know what I liked even better, that the author actually addresses the repercussions of Kira’s witnessing Jax’s shift. 

Morgan: After she sees him, what they can do? The Alpha Pack has to whisk her off into the woods of Wyoming to buy some time so that they can figure out how they are going to deal with her. 

Whitney: Making her disappear is, conveniently enough, pretty easy as Kira doesn’t have any close family, friends or co-workers. 

Morgan: Which actually struck me as pretty sad. 

Whitney: But just look where she ends up? In the company of some totally hot guys. Ones who can protect her, which I know I would be looking for … you know, after being threatened by bad guys and finding out that there are creatures that go bump in the night and all of that. 

Morgan: What did you think of the time frame? Things happened so fast.

Whitney: I say bring it on! I mean when you have the powers that these guys do, there is no need to mess around. 

Morgan: Ah, yes. The Alpha Pack is more than just guys that can turn furry — they also have psychic abilities. I always love the mental woo-woo stuff.

Whitney: Which ability would you want? Talking to the dead, feeling other’s emotions, seeing the future ...

Morgan: Would you think I was totally lame if I said healing?

Whitney: Only a little bit, and hey, maybe if you become an Alpha Pack’s bondmate the way that Kira does with Jax, you might even get to be a healer.

Morgan: I thought it was really interesting that bondmates, not only become shifters like their significant other, but they also get to unlock hidden psy powers.

Whitney: It seems only fair that something good (other than just being bonded) comes from the connection. I mean poor Jax suffered while he waits for Kira to decide if she can handle making this kind of commitment.

Morgan: I know! The constant itching, getting sick and slowly losing his powers, all of it was designed to push a wolf toward being with his bondmate. (And not being with anyone else after he’s mated.)

Whitney: You know for all that Jax goes through, this is really when he grows into hero material for me. He’s willing to risk death to be with Kira (or rather, without her if she doesn’t feel that she’s able to handle become a shapeshifter and never being with anyone else).

Morgan: I just think it is a stroke of luck that Kira and Jax are fated to be together as mates because being stuck at the compound with a bunch of surly warrior shifters and tech people doesn’t offer too much romance — or privacy for that matter. 

Whitney: Oh, I don’t know. Some would say that the Alpha Pack spending a lot of time naked was pretty special. 

"… She’d have to be dead and buried not to goggle at the taut, tattooed male flesh on proud display. Any second, hear braid would overload.

What a way to go.

As though reading her mind, Ryon spoke up with a chuckle, “You’ll get used to it. Mac and Doc Mallory did. We’re part wolf and what need do wolves have for clothing? It’s in our nature not to worry overmuch about nakedness when we shift back to human form. Saves time if everyone just gets over it and gets on with business.”

Morgan: And by “everyone” the shifter really means the tech and medical staff at the compound. We don’t get to meet too many of these people (who are nonparanormal). Instead the author takes us in another direction in the compound — Block R.

Whitney: Oh, yes. The Rescue and Rehabilitation area where mythical creatures are kept for their own safety — and to protect the rest of the world. I have to say, this is really where the story got my attention. It went from being an interesting fast-paced shifter tale to something that was so much bigger. Having Block R really opened up the world of paranormal creatures that readers can expect to see on a regular basis.

Morgan: Contained within this wing is a fae, basilisk, feral shifters and more. So if you want creatures, you get them here! 

Whitney: There is even a gremlin.

Morgan: Which makes a great pet, if you make no sudden moves.

Whitney: There are so many creatures there that it really feels natural for Alpha Pack to start considering opening up a “home for wayward outcasts of the supernatural world” after Kira comes on board to help rehabilitate those who have been caged there.

Morgan: Caged makes it sound so cold. Alpha Pack only (usually) ever incarcerates paranormals who are a danger to others or themselves. Once Kira starts rehabing the creatures, they are well on their way to being freed. 

Whitney: Although I am intrigued by the basilisk, and thought that the gremlin was adorable, I think my favorite inhabitant of the Block R has to be Blue. He’s so tortured before Kira comes into the picture to help him understand why Alpha Pack imprisoned him.

Morgan: Well, they couldn’t just let a giant winged creature continue to disrupt the lives of humans who aren’t even supposed to know he exists. And then when it turns out that Blue’s real name in Sariel and he’s a fae who has been kicked out of the seelie court because his evil unseelie father is gunning for him …

Whitney: I’m smelling a sequel! Actually I am smelling several more stories, because the pack members need to get their own books and then the necromancer Kalen has to have his own story …

Morgan: And I’m going to be waiting on Nick’s story. The senior Alpha pre-cog who is all business on the outside, yet hurting on the inside. Perfect hero material!

Next week we will meet a very different type of hero, Simon Grenville, the proper historical English gentleman who takes on training a young woman who has travelled back in time from a bleak future in Isabel Cooper's No Proper Lady.