All week long the gentlemen who are competing for the title of Mr. Romance 2010 have been campaigning to win the crown. In addition to being Mr. Romance 2010, and wining a cash prize, the title comes with an all-expenses paid trip to New York City to be on the cover of a Dorchester romance which will be nationally distributed.

Mr. Romance 2009, Charles Paz, who is featured on the cover of Connie Mason's Lord Of Devil Isle has this to say about his time as Mr. Romance: "What I didn't expect was all the support. I love all the friends, fans and everyone who supported me over the last year."

And now, here are this year's contestants. From the left they are Jay Milutin, Jamie Ungaro, Andrew Shaffer, DeKonn Donovan, and returning contestant, Franco D'Angelo.

These five gentlemens have escorted costumed faeries across the stage, had their photos taken with fans, and learned this evening's routine. But here is what each has said about why they participated and what was the most unexpected about their time as a Mr. Romance contestant.

Jay Milutin: I was nominated by previous winner, the event's MC Mark Johnson. Everything has been extremely exciting and the fans are so kind. It's more work than I expected but the reward is greater than I thought it would be.

Jamie Ungaro: I have learned alot about romance and readers' views about the genre. I look forward to using my new knowledge as relationship advice.

Andrew Shaffer: I am a published non-fiction author with HarperCollins who was taking the pre-convention advanced writing workshop with Bobbi Smith so I stayed on as a contestant because I am interested in learning about the genre.

DeLonn Donovan: I was surprised by how genuinely friendly people are and the number of people who are here. This competition has been more involved than I thought it would be, but it has been good. A good experience.

Franco D'Angelo: I had a great time last year and I love all the people here. They are my people, you know? So, of course I cam back!

Best of luck to all of the gentlemen and may the best contestant win!