Must-Read Erotic Romances In 2012

If you can't get enough page-scorching passion, good-looking men and the women who love them, have no fear. Today we're spotlighting erotic romances from some of the biggest names in the genre that make our list of most-anticipated upcoming releases for the next seven months. From hunky hockey players to sexy shapeshifters, 2012 looks like a promising year for sizzling erotic romance.


Inked Magic by Jory Strong 

Releases February 2012

Heroine Etain is not only a gifted tattoo artist, when she touches people she can see what they've seen. Her powers have caught the attention of a dangerous criminal and now she's in need of protection. Thankfully, there are two men up for the job, Cathal, a mob boss' son and Eamon, who owns an exclusive restaurant. But protection form either of these men will come at a price. This fast-paced erotic romance is sure to satisfy paranormal readers and romantic suspense fans!


Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton

Releases March 2012

We've loved this series from its start, the first novel won the February 2011 RT Seal of Excellence. The upcoming series third introduces hockey star Tyler Anderson to sports bar owner Jenna Riley, a woman who has promised herself she'll never have a relationship with a pro athlete. Ty knows all about Jenna's plan, but he's hoping he can change her mind. Sports fans will love Burton's signature searing heat and her skill at creating mulch-dimensional characters that seem to spring off the pages!


Blood Secret by Sharon Page

Releases April 2012

Even though dragon shapeshifter Lucy Drake has agreed to spend two weeks as the Duke of Greystone's sexual toy in order to pay off her family's debt, she plans to keep her shifting abilities a secret from the vampire. However, Greystone has a plan of his own, to seduce information out of her about his missing family member. To make matters worse, Greystone has also sworn to destroy all dragon shifters. But will he be able to plan for Lucy's destruction after spending fourteen nights in her bed? If you can't wait to get your hands on this tale, make sure to catch up on the first three novels in the series that are out already. The adventure starts with 2007's Blood Rose.


Sevin by Elizabeth Amber

Releases May 2012

Return to Amber's decadent world of the Lords of Satyrs with this upcoming tale. It's Rome during the 1880s and hero Sevin has just started hosting the infamous Salone di Passione, but can he convince the human Alexa Patrizzi that she was meant for him? The story also features Sevin's younger brother Lucien who embarks on an affair with an older woman. If you like to be teased, you can get a sneak peek at the first chapter here.



Stygian's Honor by Lora Leigh

Releases June 2012

Evil brings Stygian Black and Liza Caine together, but love blossoms as they search for Honore Christine Roberts, a young woman who may hold the key to the breeds' survival. This novel is number 27 in Leigh's long-running series of explosive paranormal tales. Haven't tried the series yet? We suggest you start with the first book in the series chronologically, 2003's Tempting the Beast. Leigh's breed series has received six RT Reviewers' Choice Awards nominations and the author won 2009's RT Career Achievement Award in the erotica category. There's no denying that Leigh is a must-read!


Dream Bound by Kate Douglas

Releases July 2012

Douglas' new series features Nyrians, a race of aliens that feed on the sexual pleasure of humans to survive. The adventure begins with this upcoming tale of Mac Dugan. In order to lure his mysterious ex-lover Zianne back into his life, Mac books a retreat for six extremely sexual men and women who are ready to indulge in extreme amounts of pleasure. Mac has high hopes that this sexual energy will be enough to draw Zianne's attention. For a taste of the series to come, be sure to check out the author's short story in the December 2011 anthology Night Shift


Cherished by Maya Banks and Lauren Dane

Releases August 2012

Two of the biggest names in erotica join forces for this contemporary two-in-one that features BDSM. Dane’s contribution will be “Sway” a story about Levi, a respectable older man, who falls head over heels for the free-spirited Daisy. But will he give up the life he’s known for a new adventure? You’ll have to read the first in the Delicious series — a spin-off of the author’s popular Brown Siblings books — to find out! And what about Banks’ story? It will be “Exiled” which pairs the innocent Talia with an exiled Prince. But when his nation requires him to rule, Talia returns to her daily life … until he appears, unwilling to give up their connection in the face of royal duty!


Which sizzling story are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments! For more upcoming steamy tales, check out our Upcoming Releases Page. And you can always find the latest genre news and coverage on our Everything Erotica Page.