My Dream Casts For The Beautiful Bastard Movies

Sometimes a series takes a slow burn to really get going for you. Case in point: Christina Lauren's Beautiful series. Beautiful Bastard was a tough one for me, not because it was originally fan fiction (you won't find me complaining about published fanfic, I think a good story is a good story), but because I don't have a thing for detached heroes who need fixing. The second book, Beautiful Stranger, garnered tons of rabid fans for writing duo Lauren, but it wasn't until Beautiful Player, the third novel in the series releasing next month, that I finally started coming around. I can't stop thinking about how much I enjoyed geeky heroine Hanna and sweet, patient hero Will's story. 

And now that 50 Shades has been cast, and attention has turned toward who will play whom in Lauren's film adaptation, let's just say I have some thoughts, not just for Beautiful Bastard, but for the other two books as well (you know, in case they make it to the big screen). So who would I cast for the heroes and heroines of Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger and Beautiful Player? Let's see ...



I know, a Nickelodeon star as Chloe might be kind of off putting, but think about it: if Victoria Justice wanted to get rid of her squeaky-clean image and avoid a Miley-sized disaster, she could do it by playing the sexy, sassy Chloe. I could also see Ashley Greene as Chloe, if she were a little less sexy.

For Bennett, I'm going to go with Henry Cavill, and not because Stephanie Meyer wanted him to play Edward in Twilight, or because he was up for the role of Christian in the 50 Shades movie, but because look at him. He kind of looks like a bastard. A really sexy one. I would also be fine with Theo James as Bennett. Unf.


For Sara, I wasn't really sure which direction to go, but eventually settled on Zoey Deutch, who is the go-to girl for YA film adaptations, having been cast as Emily Asher in Beautiful Creatures and Rose Hathaway in the upcoming Vampire Academy film. But to me, she looks older than a teen, and I adore her stoic features.

And for Max, Liam Hemsworth. I know, I know, he's Australian, not British, and a casting like this could help him get out from under his Miley-sized shadow. Perhaps playing Max would do him some good.


Emily Bett Rickards already plays a lovable geek on CW's Arrow, and with her blond hair, blue eyes and innocent look, she'd make the perfect Hanna.

I always pictured Will with darker skin, so for me Jesse Williams, aka Dr. Jackson Avery from Grey's, fits quite nicely. I can totally see him playing a calm, sexy hero more than willing to teach Hanna the ins and outs of dating.

What do you think? Are you tired of hearing about Harvey Cavill? Think Emily Bett Rickards looks too young? Who would you cast as Chloe and Bennett? Let me know in the comments! For more genre news and coverage visit our Everything Erotica page.