Mystery Month: Author Kari Lee Townsend's Psychic Heroine Gives Her A Reading!

Debut author Kari Lee Townsend will charm readers with the heroine of her new novel Tempest in the Tea Leaves. The psychic Sunny is on a quest to prove that she is not the murderer her local police think she is. But today we asked Sunny to take a break from the challenging work of proving her innocence and instead take a shot at telling her author’s fortune!

I parted the beads to my sanctuary, situated at the front of the ancient Victorian house I lived in, and entered with my next client trailing behind me. Her name was Kari. She said she was passing through our quaint, small town of Divinity and simply couldn’t leave upstate New York without having her fortune read. 

“Okay, Kari, the first thing I’d like you to do is brew the tea.” I gestured to the old fashioned tea table in the center. She sat, and I took the seat opposite her.

“This is so exciting,” Kari said, her brown eyes sparkling and brown curly hair bouncing off her shoulders as she looked around the table. “Um, where are the tea bags?”

I couldn’t help smiling as I raked a hand through my own short, blond, spikey hair. Some people had me read their fortunes to test my psychic ability. It was refreshing to find someone who was a true believer and didn’t think I was a quack, unlike Detective Mitch Stone--aka Grumpy Pants. “I only use loose tea leaves,” I explained. “Place the tea leaves in the cup and then pour the boiling water over them, stirring the tea as it brews.”

Kari eagerly did as I suggested and then looked at me with anticipation.

“Next, drink the unstrained tea and think about exactly what it is you wish to know. When you only have a teaspoon of liquid left, stop.”

Kari pursed her brow, thought hard, and then drank the tea. “All done. Now what?”

“Hold the cup in your left hand and swish three times in a counterclockwise motion, then tip the cup upside down on the saucer, allowing the excess liquid to drain.”

Kari did as I asked, and then handed the cup to me. I made sure the handle was pointed in her direction, then I studied the pattern of tea leaves. Starting at the handle, I worked my way around from the rim to the bottom. Leaves to the left represent the past and to the right the future. Leaves at the top the immediate future and at the bottom the distant future. Finally, images that appear in the white space are positive and good, while those in the tea leaves are negative and bad.

“I’m dying over here. What do you see?” Kari looked both excited and nervous, like whatever answers I gave her were extremely important.

“I want to make sure I’m seeing the whole picture,” I said gently, wondering curiously just who this woman was. “I see a fence which means you’ve faced minor setbacks to your goals along the way, but they weren’t permanent. There is a glow which shows you attained some form of enlightenment. There’s fire at the top which means you finally achieved your goal. I also see an acorn which means you’re successful. In the distant future at the bottom, I see a coin which means there will be a change in your financial status. There’s a gate as well which means there will be more opportunities for future success.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” Kari said. “I was so worried.”

My eyes met hers, my vision perfectly clear. “No need to worry, Kari Lee Townsend. Your future is looking very bright, and your Fortune Teller Mysteries are going to be a huge success.”

“Thank you, Sunshine Meadows. You have no idea what this means to me.”

“Please, call me Sunny.” I winked at her. “I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time together.”

- Kari Lee Townsend

Want to find out what happens to Sunny? Mark your calendars because Tempest in the Tea Leaves will be in stores next Tuesday!