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Neighborhood Watch: Nora Loves Rear Window, Just Like Us!

So it’s Monday, sure, and tomorrow’s tax day. But it’s also spring and there’s a new Nora Roberts book out this week, The Collector! This time, la Nora latest takes on a Rear Window-esque vibe, one of our very favorite homages. We thought that as we wait for release day, we’d walk through some of our other favorite Read Window call backs as we torture the rest of the RT staff with our very best James Stuart impressions.

Castle: Your favorite hunky TV mystery author and mine, Nathan Fillian’s Richard Castle, pulled off a great Rear Window throwback for the show’s 100th episode. There were high jinks, Fillian was adorable, and a surprise ending that was tons of fun. (Spoiler-rific video below!)

Raising Hope: Were you watching this hilarious and fun sitcom? Apparently not a lot of us were, as it was recently cancelled. Sniff! But before the Cloris Leachman-starring show (yes, that Cloris) sailed off into Netflix archives forever, the wacky cast pulled off a great Rear Window spoof, “Murder, She Hoped,” complete with amazing outfits and your requisite wacky townspeople.

Silken Threads by Patricia Ryan: Instead of watching TV, would you prefer to travel back in time with historical romance master Ryan? Then check out Silken Threads, a 12th-century, London-set tale of intrigue, where romance blossoms all while the hero stares out the window, sure nefarious happenings are taking place at the neighbors'.

The Girl in the Green Raincoat by Laura Lippman: If it’s mystery you crave, there’s Lippmans’ The Girl in the Green Raincoat, that stars PI Tess Monaghan, stuck on bed rest, who becomes increasingly suspicious of her neighbor’s activities and sends out friends to investigate.

There you have it! You’ve only got one day til Nora’s The Collector hits shelves, but in the meantime we hope these recommendations will keep you occupied. We’ll be watching … For more suspenseful, sexy reads, visit our Everything Romance page.