Never Give Up! Jackie Kessler, Keri Arthur, Stacey Kade, Jenna Black & Linnea Sinclair On Persistence

Never say die! Listen, writing a book can be a hard slog. And that's to say nothing of the rest of the publishing process. How to make it all the way to your pub date ( … and the next one) without totally losing it? Today at the RT Convention in New Orleans Jackie Kessler, Keri Arthur, Stacey Kade, Jenna Black and Linnea Sinclair gave us some pointers to stay the course. Here are some of the highlights.

A photo of the panelists

Panelist Linnea Sinclair, Jackie Kessler, Stacye Kade, Jenna Black and Keri Arthur

Keri Arthur started with the old tried (but true!) stand by, telling readers to write what they know and love. Linnea Sinclair delved more into the nitty gritty, talking deadlines. She suggested setting one big deadline, and then a bunch of smaller ones leading up to it, to make for more manageable goals. Jenna Black suggested upping your production — because, hey, the more you work, the better you'll get. 

As to those inevitable setbacks, Stacey Kade encouraged attendees to never give up when things outside your control happen. Keri urged everyone to make the tough decisions and then never look back! (We think this is bad ass advice we want to use in our regular lives as well.) 

And when success comes, the ladies reminded us to celebrate achievements and never give up, never mind those naysayers. 

Fist pump!

After this first inspiring workshop, we're ready to conquer the world, how about you? We'll be covering the RT Convention in New Orleans all week long, for more on the exciting happenings, click here!