The New Bluefire Reader iApp

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Bluefire I wanted to let all the iOS users (iPad, iTouch, iPhone, etc) of the awesome new app called Bluefire Reader. What's so awesome about this? You can read any standard encrypted ePub and PDF using Bluefire on an iOS device. I was able to get my Harlequin Books, NetGalley Arcs, Sony books all on the iPhone and iPad and read them WITHOUT STRIPPING THE DRM. NOTE: You may have to restart your Bluefire App after you sync to get the new books to show up. Remember on the iPhone 4.0 that means you have to completely close out by accessing the app row on the bottom and then holding down the app until it wiggles and a red x appears. So my friends who have spent years buying PDFs and ePubs, this is the App for you. Download this app to your iThing and then authorize using your Adobe username and password. Don't remember your Adobe username? Open Adobe Digital Editions and go to Library -> Authorize Computer. The popup screen will tell you what username the computer is authorized to:

Adobe authorization username

To get your ENCRYPTED ePubs on to your iThing, open iTunes and click on the App tab. Scroll to the bottom until you see something like this: App document section

Highlight Bluefire App. Open your "My Documents" folder or "Documents" (on MAC). There is folder called "Digital Editions".

Digital Editions folder

Open this folder and then drag the books you want from Digital Editions folder onto the App section.

Transfer ebooks

The Bluefire App allows you to take notes. Just highlight the section that you want to bookmark and the note section will show up. For a new app, the reader is pretty sophisticated. I've uploaded a number of screenshots. Just click on the thumbnails to see a larger version. Some ways you can customize the look and feel of the Bluefire App:

Bluefire Theme SettingsBluefire Formatting SettingsBluefire Settings font Margin


Bookmarks and Notes:

Bluefire bookmarkBluefire NoteBluefire Bookmark page


Table of Contents and Info page. Note that special DRM restrictions are noted on the info page:

Bluefire Book TOCBluefire Book info page


Text page. One is with a different theme. You can see the page number marked on the right hand side.

Bluefire Text pageBluefire Text page book page


I was able to get Harlequin Books from the Harlequin site and digital ARCs from NetGalley and my Sony ebooks on the device. WOOT! As Mike Cane noted, this app will also allow you to read LIBRARY BOOKS on your device. Digital library books via Overdrive do not appear to be working at this time. You can also access your ebooks by either emailing them to yourself:

Bluefire download epubBluefire open in emailBook shows up


Or via an online storage site like Dropbox. Once you download the book, Dropbox will tell you it can't view the document. You then need to click on the arrow and it will give you the option of what program to view the ePub in. Choose Bluefire, of course.

Bluefire DropboxBluefire dropboxBluefire option
On the iPad, the arrow is in the top right hand corner:
iPad Dropbox


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