New Forum: What Women Want With Author Faith V. Smith

Today author Faith V. Smith kicks off her new thread on the RT Forums, “What Women Want” by sharing some of her thoughts about romance — and a few of her favorite heroes!

What does a girl want? My, that is a loaded question! I personally think women of all ages want a bit of romance. Of course, we can and have found it with the boy next door, the man of our dreams, the one and only that can make our hearts beat so fast we fear we'll pass out, or the man who can make you melt in a puddle of want. Yes, my readers, there is romance out there for everyone. It might be a candle fully lit, one already dimmed by years of togetherness, or one that is a memory of a love that has gone on to Heaven's gates, but beneath the trials and tribulations of life, there has to be the hope that someone, somewhere out there is the right frog.

Having said that, the next best thing a girl can have is a hero she can go to time after time. What I'm I talking about you ask? Romance novels! Where else can you take a hero out anytime you want to see him? I love being able to do that with a book. Whether or not it's the hero, heroine, or just the remembrance of a book that took me away. So, having said that, let me tell you about a few of the heroes I love to see over and over.

Let's start with vampires! Oh yes, the creature of the night with the sultry voice, the sensual body, the heart and soul piercing eyes—not to mention the fangs that you crave will take what they want as he molds your body to his. Sound familiar? Well, what does it for me are Christine Feehan's Dark Carpathians. Talk about a series I read over and over. They never fail to sink me into a sensual, exciting, world of romance. Now, how many of us wouldn't mind bringing one of those guys home? Don't be shy, let me see you raise your hands!

Christine's heroes are not the only Heroes on the block however, there are so many awesome characters that get the girl, save the day, and always learn love is the most important thing. Oh yeah, romance is a major plus here. Like I said, who doesn't want that moonlight walk along the beach, the candle-lit dinner, the slow but tantalizing knowledge that you are the one and only in your man's heart?

Next up, we have the modern day males who run corporate offices, run ranches, firemen, police officers, in the military and you name it. You can't beat a slow talking Southern boy or the boss man who makes you week in the knees. And can I say men in uniforms or out? The choices are unlimited, so it's like a giant smorgasbord of sensual delight when you pick up a romance. Where else can you access a hero on a moment’s notice? Whether or not it’s a print or e-book, there are so many different ways to feed your fantasy, so why not indulge?

So, why not tell me what you the reader want to see in a romance book? Anything you’d like to ask one of our multi-pubbed authors? Anything in particular you want to see as a plot in a book, different characters? Email me at with your answers or head on over to the new RT forum "What Women Want" where we will be discussing just that! 

- Faith V. Smith

Faith definitely has us thinking about some of our favorite heroes! To share yours, and chat about what you look for in a romance novel, check out Faith’s new thread on the RT Forum here