New Series Alert: Seasons Of The Heart By Martha Rogers

There is nothing better than learning that a fan favorite author is launching a new series. So when we heard that inspirational author Martha Rogers has a new historical series releasing with this month's Summer Dream, we just had to ask the author to give us an insider's look at her Seasons of the Heart series.

Seasons of the Heart, my new series, weaves together the lives of friends and family as they come to a place where they know God is the one true hope for the future. Four women, each from a different background discover that a dream can come true, God’s love can open eyes to truth, God will keep His promises, and there is hope for the future through forgiveness. Rachel, Kathleen, and Abigail’s strong faith bring their men the love they seek, and Libby shows how God works through her weakness to build strength. Beginning in Connecticut in 1888, the story moves to Texas in 1889 and follows the lives of these women as they find true love and bond in friendship only God could orchestrate.

Each book centers on one season of the year and one of the women. In the first three, the heroines, through their faith in God, form a bond of friendship that carries them through difficult decisions and leads them to finding true love. In the fourth book, Spring Hope, a young lawman learns what it means to forgive no matter how sordid and ugly one’s past may be.

In Book One, Summer Dream, the daughter of a small-town minister in Connecticut, Rachel Winston, fears that the only way she’ll ever find a husband is to visit her aunt in Boston for the social season. But when Nathan Reed arrives in town, she can’t help but wonder if he could be the one. Although attracted to Rachel, Nathan has no desire to become involved with a Christian after experiences with his own family. What’s more, until he resolves his anger with God and his family, he has no chance of courting her even when his feelings toward Rachel change. When Nathan is caught in a devastating blizzard and lies near death in the Winston home, Rachel and her mother give him a lesson in love and forgiveness that leads him back to his home in the South. Will he make peace with his family and return before Rachel chooses a path that takes her away from him?

Each of the books in the series carries the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation. In the second one, Autumn Song, Kathleen (Kate) Muldoon and Daniel Monroe reconcile their differences to find their love is stronger than disagreements. Winter Promise brings Abigail Monroe to Porterfield as the town librarian. There she meets a young doctor who carries a burden of guilt over the death of his fiancée. When Elliot Jensen realizes no one blames him but himself, he is able to reconcile his separation from God and find new love with Abigail. In Spring Hope, Cory Muldoon, a deputy sheriff, learns that when he is able to forgive her dark past, he can love Libby Mason with all his heart.

-Martha Rogers

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