A New Way to Enjoy Stephanie Laurens' Black Cobra quartet

Bestselling historical romance author Stephanie Laurens and her publisher Avon, part of HarperCollins, have teamed up to create a fun interactive online game based on Laurens' latest historical romance series, the Black Cobra quartet. The new game is called Crazy Cobras and is available for you to start playing now!

We loved traveling around the globe in this fast-paced Regency series, not to mention falling in love with the four handsome heroes. Laurens also gave readers an insider look at her series back in October with this video interview and Q&A. So even if you haven't had a chance to read Laurens' latest series, you can still enjoy Crazy Cobras.

It is a delight to see the Black Cobra quartet re-imagined in this clever contemporary way. Avon was inspired by readers' positive response to the computer game that Marjorie Liu produced with PassionFruit, based on her 2005 paranormal romance, Tiger Eye. But unlike the more complex Tiger Eye game, the Black Cobra game is available to play online immediately — and it's free. So fans of games that are easy to master but highly addictive, get ready, Crazy Cobras will have you hooked this holiday season.

And there's even more good news, on December 21st Avon is releasing an e-book set of the entire Black Cobra quartet at a special holiday price. So mark your calendars for the e-bundle of the Black Cobra books, then head over to the Avon website and check out Crazy Cobras right now!

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