New Year, New Series: Amanda Cabot's Westward Winds Series

Looking forward to reading some great inspirational romances in the new year? Then you are in luck because there are several great series starting in 2012. Here at RT, we are especially looking forward to the Westward Winds books by Amanda Cabot. This month's release, Summer of Promise, kicks off the historical series that was inspired by the author's real life move. Today we go behind the scenes with the author so readers can learn just what they can expect from this fresh series. 


What gave you the initial idea for your Westward Winds series?

When we first moved to Wyoming, my husband and I needed a break from unpacking, hanging curtains, planning landscaping and all the other activities associated with a new house. We knew we couldn’t play hooky for too long, so we limited ourselves to a day trip, but what a day trip that was. When we set foot inside Fort Laramie National Historic Site, it was love at first sight. The fort was very different from my mental image, but that was part of its appeal. And when I discovered how genteel life was at Fort Laramie during the 1880s, I couldn’t stop thinking about the people who might have lived there. Summer of Promise is the result.

Will the books in this new series be similar to the writing style of your previous works, or can audiences expect something different? 

I think readers will find my writing style similar to my Texas Dreams books. To be honest, I'm not sure I can change my writing style. It's part of me. However, the stories in the Westward Winds trilogy are quite different from Texas Dreams. In part that's because they're set in two real locations (Fort Laramie and Cheyenne) rather than a single fictional town like Ladreville. That means that there are fewer continuing characters from book to book. You'll note that I said 'fewer,' not 'no' continuing characters. That's because I love writing connected stories. In this case the primary connection among the books is that the heroines are sisters who leave the East for love and adventure in Wyoming Territory.

We love your series starter, Summer of PromiseWhat is it about this first book that you are hoping will draw readers in? 

I hope they'll be intrigued by the fact that the story takes place in Wyoming. One of the things that made writing Summer of Promise so much fun was that I tried to debunk readers' stereotypes of my adopted home. I wanted them to see that Wyoming is a beautiful state, rich with history. I also hope they'll discover along with my heroine that first impressions aren’t always accurate. Abigail's first impression of Wyoming is that it’s boring, but a stagecoach robbery, a handsome lieutenant and a mischievous puppy soon change her mind. 

What can readers expect as your series continues? 

I don't want to say "more of the same", because each of the books is as different as the three sisters. Waiting for Spring features Charlotte, whom readers meet in Summer of Promise. Unlike Abigail, the word "boring" is not part of her vocabulary, especially after she leaves Fort Laramie for Cheyenne. Youngest sister Elizabeth, the heroine of With Autumn's Return, is a brand new doctor when she comes to Cheyenne, convinced that the territory which was the first to grant women suffrage will be the perfect place to open her practice. As you might guess, there are a few surprises in store for her. The common element among the Westward Winds books is that all three feature strong, independent women of faith who find love in the most unexpected places.

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