New Year, New Series: Suzanne Woods Fisher's Stoney Ridge Series

All week long, we have been giving readers the inside scoop on newly released inspirational series. Today we catch up with author Suzanne Woods Fisher, who kicks off her new Stoney Ridge series this month with The Keeper. This book is "a keeper" itself and features Amish characters facing difficult challenges. Find out just what's in store for Fisher's newest characters with today's special interview!


What gave you the inspiration for your Stoney Ridge Seasons series?

This series is about the Lapp sisters—Julia, Sadie, M.K.—and each sister will take a turn as the main character. As for the inspiration behind the series…when I was researching my first non-fiction book about the Old Order Amish (Amish Peace), I became friendly with an Amish family who happened to have a red windmill. That red windmill became a metaphor for my experiences with the Amish—they’re always surprising me! The Lapp family in my story has a red windmill on their farm. They’re a quirky, endearing family whom I think readers will quickly love.  

Will the books in this new series be similar to the writing style of your previous works, or can audiences expect something different?

If readers liked The Search, I think they’ll like this new series. There’s a lot of humor in these books—I just can’t help it. My editor struck a bargain with me—to go all out with my wacky sense of humor and she would edit it out if needed. So far, so good! 

What is it about The Keeper, the series starter, that you believe will draw readers in?

In The Keeper, we meet Roman Troyer, a migratory beekeeper (picture a young George Clooney as an Amish man). Rome’s nomadic life is based on a true story I read in The Budget (Amish-Mennonite newspaper). Despite Rome’s effort to live a carefully detached life — he finds himself drawn to Windmill Farm, especially to Julia, but she only has eyes for another.

What can readers expect as your series continues?

The Keeper introduces you to the Lapp family—the sisters, a brother, the dad, and Uncle Hank (an outrageous, adorable character!). Like all families, the Lapps have their ups, their downs, their dreams, their secrets. In The Haven, shy Sadie tries to protect someone she loves and finds herself caught up in controversy. In The Lesson, impulsive M.K. solves a crime in Stoney Ridge and ends up serving a jail sentence (to her way of thinking, anyway).  

I loved these characters and was sorry to wrap up the last story. I didn’t want to say goodbye to the Lapps! Hope you’ll feel the same way.

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