Casting News About I Am Number Four

For all that I love reading historical romance novels, when it comes to my movies, I look to outer space for distraction. So of course, I was excited to hear about the movie adaptation of the paranormal YA, I Am Number Four. We had fun talking about the title and our alien obsession in the August issue of RT Book Reviews. And now there is even more info out about what we can expect from the upcoming movie adaptation of I Am Number Four.

Co-written by James Frey and Jobie Hughes, under the pen name Pittacus Lore, the novel follows a handful of alien fugitives who have settled on Earth in an attempt to escape persecution from the evil forces that destroyed their home planet. The fugitives' best defense? They can only be eliminated in numerical order. Things heat up when our hero John, number four, becomes the next in line to die. Trying to stay ahead of their pursuers, John and his guardian Henri settle in small-town Ohio, where John falls in love for the first time. Sounds good, right?

The film version is being produced by industry big name Michael Bay, recently of the Transformers franchise. And according to Box Office MojoAlfred Gough and Miles Millar, the team that created the TV hit Smallville, have signed onto the project as screenwriters. Director D.J. Caruso is also signed onto the project, and he is known for his work directing blockbusters Eagle Eye and Disturbia. So from the team behind the camera, we know we can expect to see lots of action!

But, I think all of us who watch movies for fun can agree, the real pre-movie news we can’t for is about the casting decisions. And I think you will be as pleased as I am about who has been cast for I Am Number Four.

The hero of the story, John, will be played by Alex Pettyfer. The actor is a new face for movie fans, as the release of what was supposed to be his debut, Beastly, has been pushed back to late next spring. (I am very upset about this, if only because I can’t wait to see an evil Neil Patrick Harris!) In an interview with MTV News recently, Caruso raved about Pettyfer’s acting chops. Said the director, “I think there's a Steve McQueen quality … a real kind of hip coolness and at the same time ... [he's got that] vulnerability."

And Pettyfer has a pretty awesome supporting cast behind him. His guardian is being played by the extremely attractive Timothy Olyphant, fresh from starring in the FX series Justified. But Olyphant isn’t the only familiar face attached to the film. Teresa Palmer, Pettyfer’s fellow fugitive, was in this summer’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. And viewers will definitely recognize Pettyfer’s love interest, Sarah, who is being played by Dianna Agron. Agron is best known for her role as pregnant teen queen Quinn from this year’s breakout television hit, Glee. Whether you love her or love to hate her, it will be great to see her on the big screen.

We may have to wait until February 2011 to see I Am Number Four come to life in theaters, but at least you pick up I Am Number Four in book form!