Ni-Ni Simone to the Rescue! Pop Quiz: Are You Still In Love With Your Ex?

Getting over your ex can be hard, especially when you're still in love with them. But how do you know if you should move on or do your best to get back together? Well, if you're feelings are all jumbled up, YA author Ni-Ni Simone is here to help with her quiz that will help you figure out if you're still holding onto your feelings for that ex. Take it away, Ni-Ni!

1. How often do you think about him?

A. I … don't want to tell you. That often.

B. Dead to the bed. Never. Ever.

C. Only on holidays and our anniversary.

2. What happens when you see his relationship status has changed on Facebook?

A. Your heart drops to the floor.

B. You wonder if your break up was the right decision, then you go through his pics and remember why you broke up.

C. You send the new girlfriend a Thank You card.

3. What happens when you see the new girlfriend?

A. You immediately want him back.

B. You’re a little jealous but you don’t want him back.

C. You’re happy to see he’s moved on (even if she is a downgrade).

4. When you know he’s going to be at a party you … ?

A. You don’t go. You instead head to the bed, dressed in his old t-shirt, eating ice cream and watching Eat, Pray, Love.

B. You put on your best outfit and show up with a date (no one has to know he’s your gay best friend).

C. You couldn’t care less and think it would be nice to say hi and feel nothing.

5. When you come across an old picture of the two of you, you …

A. Break down and cry.

B. Are happy you only broke out his car windows and never followed through on your murderous plot.

C. Smile at the memories and delete it from your phone.

Three or more As means: you need to stop crying, call him up and go get him. If he’s not available: redo the quiz, immediately seek therapy and go to church.

Three or more Bs means: you’re pissed off and a little volatile. You're over him, but is your anger the reason you broke up? 

Three or more Cs means: You've managed to walk away from your ex with your sanity in check, your dignity intact and your cuteness untouched. Congratulations! Go get your twerk on!

Hopefully today's quiz helped settle your heart. And if you need some time to dwell on your results, pick up a copy of Ni-Ni's latest book, True Story, available in stores and online now! For even more fun YA authors, books and buzz, visit our Everything Young Adult Page!