Nicholas Sparks To Pen TV Series About A Fallen Angel

I just learned that Nicholas Sparks is going to co-write a new TV series for ABC. Most readers have picked up at least one of his bestselling books — or you’ve watched the movie adaptations of them — and if you’re anything like me, you probably cried buckets after both. But TV writing is a new frontier for this skilled wordsmith. (His novel The Rescue was turned into a drama for CBS, but he didn’t write the adaptation.) This just-announced show will be Sparks’ first time writing for the medium, and I’m hoping that if I only spend 30 minutes (or an hour) with his characters each week, the show won’t have me reaching for the tissues.

The Watchers will follow a fallen angel on the hunt for his mortal love. This premise could be interpreted in many different ways, and I wouldn’t put it past Sparks to write scenes where this heavenly being is disappointed in love. But if there’s one thing Sparks knows how to do well (other than make me sob) it is to create beautiful romances. (I’m thinking of you, The Notebook and The Guardian.) 

I’ve got my fingers crossed that viewers will be treated to something that is equal parts sweet romance and brilliant drama. So, I was thrilled to find out that Sparks told media blog, “I’ve always wanted to create a smart, unconventional show about angels on earth, and ABC is the perfect home for this kind of imaginative, character-driven drama.” Sparks is set to co-write The Watchers with Kristin Hahn, and the series will be produced by Temple Hill, the production company that adapted Sparks’ Dear John and Safe Haven for the big screen.

There’s no word yet on when this show will be premiering but I’m looking forward to checking out their new dramas that are set to air this season, particularly Revenge and Pan Am. Hopefully when The Watchers does finally air it will be joining at least one of those shows along with my long-time favorite dramas, Gray’s Anatomy and Private Practice, filling the hole in my heart (and on my DVR) where Desperate Housewives used to be. 

What do you think, does The Watchers intrigue you or will it be a one-season flop like ABC's Heavenly-themed 2009 show Cupid?