Nicholas Sparks Teams Up With Figment.Com For Writing Contest & Book Club

Wanna-be writers, sharpen your pencils, stretch out your typing fingers and get to work on your short story for Figment's writing contest that will be judged by Nicholas Sparks himself! In honor of the fifteenth aniversary of the author's bestselling romance The Notebook the author has teamed up with Figment to judge a writing contest. And for those of you who prefer to read your romances, today RT reviewer Ellen shares how Nicholas Sparks fans can take part in an online book club at!

It’s a big month for Nicholas Sparks. His new book The Best of Me has just premiered and, if the number of tissues we’ve used reading it are any indication, it’ll be another phenomenal hit. And Sparks’ first-ever novel, The Notebook, is having its 15th anniversary. 

To celebrate, he’s hanging out with our friends at Figment. Figment is a website primarily for teens and young adults to create, discover, and share new reading and writing, and they frequently feature published authors and book excerpts. Which means that on Figment you can start reading The Best of Me for a limited time (and you can also start reading The Notebook!).

So what’s going on at Figment? 

They’ve started a book club to read and discuss The Notebook. Join them tonight to sit around a cyber fireplace, sip digital hot cocoa, and discuss the literary and thematic intricacies of a good book. Hop to your local bookstore! Skip to your local library! Crab walk over to your computer! Whatever your method, make sure to grab yourself a copy of The Notebook and be a part of the discussion.

They’re hosting a writing contest judged by—get this—Nicholas Sparks himself! Read the full rules and get started writing here. Hurry, though—the entry period ends on Wednesday, October 26.

And if you think it’s over? It’s not over. It still isn’t over. [Cue legendary scene of kissing in the rain.]

Nicholas Sparks will be appearing in a video on Figment to answer user-asked questions. In the meantime, get to know the man behind the books by reading his Q&A. Read a Figment staffer dispatch from the posh, invite-only The Notebook anniversary party. Not the romantic type? Learn how to stop love in its tracks, Sparks-style.

Go to Figment for the Nicholas Sparks, but stay for the fun! Figment features lots of authors, so be sure to check back often to see if your favorites are hanging around. If you’re an aspiring writer, you can post your own work on Figment, get feedback from their supportive community of editors-in-training, enter contests, and interact with published authors.

- Ellen

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