Nicole Peeler Looks Back At Her Jane True Series

This month author Nicole Peeler released the sixth and final book in her Urban Fantasy Jane True series, Tempest Reborn. Readers will finally see if halfling selkie Jane can destroy The Red and The White forever. But even as we are thrilled with the series finale, there is always that bittersweet moment when we say goodbye to characters we have grown to love. In this post, we ask the author to take a look back and describe the series' most unforgettable moments. 


The First Cut Is The Deepest

Jane starts out the series when she stumbles (or more aptly swims) into a dead body. Throughout the next few books, she intermittently finds corpses. Does investigating grisly crimes ever get any easier for her?

Ha! No. After all this time, she is less likely to faint and/or throw up, so that's good for everyone involved. But she's no natural crime fighter. She just does what she has to, to protect herself and her loved ones. 

If You Had Just One Power...

As a halfling selkie Jane has several supernatural 'tricks'. Which is the most useful? 

Most of them are naughty ones that she learned from her succubus friend, Iris. ;) But she was definitely a sitting duck till she learned some offensive magic, so that was very important for her.

In retrospect, is there a power you wish you gifted Jane with early in the series?

I always toy with the idea of what if I had made her a full selkie, and able to change into a seal. And then I think, "What purpose would that serve, ever, really?" Maybe if she joined a circus? She could balance balls on her nose?

Featured Creatures

Dragons, selkies, vampires and more ... Which is your favorite supernatural creature you included in the series? 

There are so many! The world has such amazing myths. I have this big book of mythology that I would cherry pick from, and I was constantly amazed at the variety and creativity of some of these creatures. Many of my favorites were local American legends of these weird animals — like Jackalopes, but weirder. They weren't really useful for my purposes, unfortunately, as they were too bizarre and not archetypal in any way, but they were fun to read about. ;)

Was there a type of supe that you wanted to add, but just didn't have room for (or couldn't make work in the 'Jane' universe)?

Definitely some of those American legends. They were made up by woodcutters, trailblazers, people like that, who would catch a glimpse of something or hear something in the woods and spin these crazy yarns. "Clearly, that is the mating call of a creature that is part bat and part chimney, all bound up by belly button fuzz." I imagine there was moonshine involved.

Not For The Few, But The Many

Jane and Co. have quite the arsenal to defeat evil, but using their powers often comes at a great cost. Which sacrifice do your characters make was the hardest for you to come to terms with as the author?

Ya know what, I think authors are pretty cold-blooded creatures. We kill off our characters with glee. I've never regretted killing anyone or making anyone suffer. They have to die! Seriously, they have to die, for the purposes of your plot. And as the writer, I have the advantage of knowing the bigger picture; being able to see the story arc. So I see the death as part of the grand scheme. Now, when I'm reading someone else's work, and they kill someone off I love, I'm not nearly as calm about it. ;)

Best Book Cover

Your covers are all illustrated. Whose decision was this and why is it just right for the series?

When you're published by New York, all your cover decisions are in the hands of your publisher's art and marketing departments. So I had no say, but I was so happy with what Orbit did. I do think the covers are perfect in that they catch the truly cartoonish character of the books. Jane could be on Adult Swim, in different circumstances. I also love that I have a super diverse reading community for Jane, in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. I think that's partially because the cartoon nature of the books made them more universally appealing. Except for people who hated them on sight, of course.

Which cover is your favorite?

That's a hard one! Each one of them has been my favorite as it's come out. But I think Tempest Rising will always have a special place in my heart, as it was the first.

What's your favorite Jane True moment? Share it in the comments below. If you are looking for closure in the Trueniverse, then check out Tempest Reborn, available in bookstores and online now. And for more genre news, visit RT's Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Page.