A Night Raven News Interview with Benemerut Neshi

Get an exclusive look at Janet Elizabeth Jones' new paranormal series romance, Incubus, as the powerful vampire known as the Alchemist, who transformed the novel's hero into an incubus, speaks to the host of Night Raven News.

Night Raven News: Welcome to another Night Raven News interview with the cast of Janet Elizabeth Jones' paranormal romance Incubus, new from Harlequin Nocturne. If you missed the first two interviews, you can find them here and here. As promised, Night Ravens, we've saved this very special, very elusive guest for last. Please welcome Benemerut Neshi, aka the Alchemist. 

In his human life, Ben was a physician in ancient Cairo. As a vampire, he's the closest thing to a druggist that vampires have, but his efforts to find a way to transform vampires into incubi and succubi have made him an outcast among his own people. It's a deadly process, and only one vampire, Meical Grabian, has survived it. Night Raven News wants to take a closer look at the vampire who made Meical's incredible, if perilous, transformation possible.

Ben, you don't look a day over twenty-five, but I've been told that you're the oldest and most powerful vampire in the New England enclave. 

The Alchemist: I fear it's a dubious distinction. One cannot claim to be the oldest and most powerful of any vampire society. We don't know exactly how many Ancients live on in this world, maintaining a dormant state to escape their intense hunger. That is a compassionate act on their part; if they were to wake, their need would be so extreme that neither human nor vampire would survive it. As for the New England enclave, I'm hardly considered a member of their family. I am, and always will be, an outlaw among them.

Night Raven News: Because you experiment on your own kind? 

The Alchemist: One would think that would suffice to make me heinous in their eyes--it is deservedly reprehensible, though unavoidable in my work--but the fact is, their queen has a personal grievance against me, and that is my crime. She has despised me for a thousand years, and I believe, she will for a thousand more.

Night Raven News: That's a long time to hold a grudge. What did you do to her?

The Alchemist: Perhaps you'd better ask her that question.

Night Raven News: For the benefit of our audience, I'd like to explain, that even though your methods have made you out to be a monster, what you're trying to accomplish is a way to enable vampires to sustain themselves on human passion rather than blood. If they survive the transformation, ideally they'll even be able to withstand sunlight. 

But during your work with Meical Grabian, there were unexpected results, and though we know the experiment wasn't exactly a failure, something definitely went wrong. We're not trying to give away spoilers, but we'd love to hear your side of it.

The Alchemist: I think it best that the readers find out for themselves. 

Night Raven News: Oh, come on, we won't think less of you. You're among friends here.

The Alchemist: Until I get hungry again. And that's not intended to titillate your audience. This is the legacy of my long existence: uncontrollable hunger. And it will only get worse, as I live on, unless someone intervenes on my behalf.

Night Raven News: Someone like Shelby Mackleroy?

The Alchemist: It remains to be seen. She has her whole life ahead of her. She needs time to grow and live and be happy, to come to herself, to find her place in this world. Her world. Not mine. Regardless of the fact that she holds my life in her hands, it must always be her decision to choose me, or not. Until she is able to do so, the best thing I can do for her is stay out of her life.

In the meantime, I'll use what sanity I have left to keep working. But if I am to achieve a peaceful and pleasurable symbiosis between human and vampire, I must have subjects with which to test my findings. I claim the vampires who are unwanted, unprotected, hunting where they shouldn't be, preying on humans who are not their rightful prey, or trespassing on another vampire's domain. Regrettably, these are most often the young and weak of my kind: the fledgling vampires. 

And before you ask me the next question on your mind: no, I don't allow them to suffer, though everyone thinks otherwise. I do have a heart, such as it is. It lies in pieces spread from one end of this earth to the other, and Shelby is the only person alive who can make it whole again, if I can survive my hunger enough to still be fit for her.

Night Raven News: But if you can give vampires the chance to feel the sun again, like you did for Meical Grabian, I'd think they'd be flocking to you, even though there's a risk.

The Alchemist: It depends on the vampire. Some love the night; others still long for the sun. But even if they want what I can give them, they have to trust that the process is worth the danger. They have to trust my methods. They have to trust me--their worst nightmare.

Night Raven News: Thank you for your honest answers to my questions, Ben. I'd like to know how things work out for you and Shelby. Maybe we'll be reading your book soon, and everything will turn out alright for you both.

The Alchemist: That is the hope that sees me through every long night of my existence, but only time will tell.

Night Raven News: Well, night ravens, this wraps up another Night Raven News interview. We welcome your questions and comments. Thank you so much for being here.

We hope that you enjoyed this special interview with Incubus's Benemerut Neshi, also known as the Alchemist, the misunderstood mastermind behind the transformation of vampire Meical Grabian into an incubus in this month's new series romance by Janet Elizabeth Jones!