No Title? No Problem!: A Look at Historical Romance’s Latest Trend

At one time or another, we've all felt not good enough. So it can sometimes be difficult to relate to the beautiful duchesses or beguiling princesses that grace the pages of many historical novels. It can certainly be refreshing to take a peek into lives of ordinary women, stuck on the outside looking in. Sure, reading about all the jewelry and fancy dresses and decadent balls is fun, but the ladies without titles must have even more fascinating stories to tell, no? Other readers and writers must think so because it appears that the latest trend in historical romances are title-less heroines. And today I thought I’d spotlight a few recent releases featuring not-so-royal, but equally stunning, heroines.



First up is a July Top Pick! rated novel The Duchess Hunt from author Jennifer Haymore. This is the first in Haymore’s House of Trent series and features Sarah Obsorne, the daughter of the Duke’s gardener. Problem is, she’s in love with Simon, the duke’s son who is faced with the task of restoring the family name. Readers will instantly root for Sarah to rise to the top and get her happy ending. We just hope Simon decides love is worth more than a title.

In A Woman Entangled, the latest from Cecilia Grant, Kate Westbrook thinks she can marry into society and sets forth to do so with her aunt’s help. But when her father’s former protege is tasked with protecting her from overzealous noblemen, Kate finds herself falling for the man she once thought was beneath her.

Margo Maguire gives a servant girl a chance at love in The Highlander’s Desire, in which Lachann Macmillan sets out to marry a lord’s daughter in order to gain the land he desires, but instead finds himself entangled in a passionate romance with Anna, a servant.

And finally, in Elizabeth Essex’s Scandal in the Night, Cat Rowan changes her identity and becomes a governess to escape a past she’d rather forget. With a killer on the loose and the man who betrayed her still longing for her, Cat finds her life taking turn after dramatic turn.


Hooked, aren’t you? See, despite a low rank, these women defy social constructs and strive for the love they know they deserve. And I believe this is why readers are clamoring for stories with more ordinary heroines — there’s a relatability to these characters that isn’t always there when they’re members of high society. These refreshing stories also include subtle hints of Cinderella-like dynamics between the heroines and heroes. I, for one, am excited this trend is slowly rising and can’t wait to see what other authors have in store for readers.

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