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Non-Fiction News From Actress/Author Jennifer Love Hewitt

Last week, RT Web Editor Morgan Doremus got to sit down with Jennifer Love Hewitt to discuss the actress’s current project and her upcoming book.

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is best known for her role on Party of Five and Ghost Whisperer, but last year she added author to her resume with the non-fiction book The Day I Shot Cupid. Focusing on her own romantic entanglements, Cupid was a cathartic experience for Hewitt. “So many people write about my love life, I wanted to talk from the heart and tell my own story.”


Since she has been in the spotlight since she was 10, Hewitt says that she had plenty of fodder. But instead of just a salacious Hollywood read, Hewitt used the book to explain how men and women often don’t understand each other. Hewitt says that with Cupid she wanted to write guide so that women stop falling for the tricks and pitfalls of romance – the same ones that she has so often found herself in.

Now this actress-turned-author is at it again. Hewitt is currently at work on a second non-fiction. Hewitt says that while her first book offered romance advice, her second will have more of a focus on self-help. “With the second book, I wanted to share the lessons that I learned to help others.” When it comes to giving advice Hewitt has lots to say on the topic of marriage after her aborted engagement. “To be ready for marriage, you need to be able to look yourself in the mirror and make vows. Can you say that you love and honor yourself? If you truly can, then you will make better choices.”

While readers wait for the newest help from Hewitt the author, Hewitt the actress is staying busy. She is currently promoting her newest movie, The Client List. In it Hewitt plays a suburban prostitute, and she shared that at first she had a lot of judgments about the type of woman that she portrays in the movie. But playing the role helped Hewitt understand the plight of women who get caught in sex trade. “These women are daughters, wives, mothers that are just trying to do their best to support their families.”

So what was the hardest thing about the role? Hewitt says it was getting used to the lingerie. “I was walking around the second day on the set meeting the crew in my undies.” She laughs. 

The Client List premieres on the Lifetime channel tonight and readers can expect the next self-help book from Hewitt to hit the shelves next year.