November Mainstream Overview

With the holidays coming, it seems like many novelists are thinking about family and relationships. In this month’s mainstream reads, authors focus on the different stages of romance from first dates to breakups and everything in between. Get ready for both the realistic and absurd as the protagonists in November’s mainstream novels navigate their love lives. 



The Scenario: Married With Children

The Story: In her humorous debut novel, Something New, author Janis Thomas takes on a topic that many women can relate to — midlife fatigue. Despite having a seemingly ideal life with a husband and three kids, Ellen wants something different, something exciting. And what could get a woman’s heart pumping faster than a sexy younger man? But even with the promise of someone new, Ellen remains unsure if romance is what she is missing. It is time for her to rethink her life as she stumbles towards fulfillment and happiness.

The Reviewers’ Verdict: “Abundant with jokes and jabs at tech, pop culture and life in suburbia, it’s easy to relate to this book in many ways.” - Sarah Eisenbraun


The Scenario: Forbidden Love

The Story: If Romeo and Juliet style romances melt your heart, then get ready to be goo after reading Love in the Years of Lunacy by Mandy Sayer. With a story featuring a young, white musician and a black American G.I., this historical tale of music, war and love is a dramatic look at two people that don’t want to live without each other, but may not have a choice but to say goodbye.

The Reviewers’ Verdict: “Readers willing to suspend their disbelief during Sayer’s fascinating tale will be rewarded with a rollicking South Pacific war drama, with a jazz soundtrack to boot.” - Nicole King


The Scenario: First Kiss

The Story: After finding a stack of postcards in her deceased mother’s belongings, Berkley Whitmore, the protagonist in Postcards From Cedar Key by Terri DuLong, travels to Cedar Key, Florida. Opening up a chocolate shop and dating a local man, Saxton Tate III, helps Berkley become part of the town, but the question remains to why this area was so important to her mother’s past and what the town can mean for Berkley’s future.

The Reviewers’ Verdict: “Thoughtful and moving, this novel explores the importance of friendship and family and reminds us that it’s never too late to fall in love.” - Lauren DuBois




The Scenario: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The Story: Danny Wallace’s first fiction novel, Charlotte Street, may be called “lad lit” but both men and women will find themselves cheering on Jason Priestley while he tries to get back on his feet after his ex-girlfriend becomes engaged to someone else. Attempting to find himself again is no easy feat, but with friends like his, Jason is sure to find himself on the road to recovery.

The Reviewers’ Verdict: “The author’s chatty style and memorable characters create an entertaining comedy of errors...” - M.H. Morrison


The Scenario: Second Chance Romance

The Story: In Before and Ever Since by Sharla Lovelace, protagonist Emily Lockwood is unprepared for her first love to return to town. After twenty years of not hearing from Ben, Emily thought he was out of her life for good. But his reappearance triggers long buried emotions as well as the fear that old secrets will be made public. As Emily remembers her younger years, she attempts to reconcile the woman she is today with the girl that Ben once knew. Is there more than just secrets between the two past lovers, or has time faded the feels that were once so vivid?

The Reviewers’ Verdict: “It is refreshing to see a female character, with obvious vulnerabilities, exhibit such strength in situations that would make other women cringe.” - B. Nakia Garner


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