October 2012: Which Self-Published Story Is Right For You? Take The Quiz!

You know that feeling, the one you get when you’re standing indecisive in front of a wide selection of tasty ice cream flavors? We’ve been there. And that is exactly how the many tempting self-published tales leave us feeling — craving a good read, but not knowing which one to choose. Chocolate chip or rocky road; historicals or science fiction … see the similarities? Well, we’ve developed a quiz that will help you scoop up the right one! And we’re talking books now, not ice cream. Because if anyone can solve the sudden paralysis that strikes when faced with making that Solomon’s choice, they’d be a genius. Read on to find the flavor of the month that will make your mouth (and mind) water:


1. If you were forced to choose just one ice cream flavor, it would be:

A) Great Scot!!: Chocolate with deep-fried mars bar chunks

B) Coconut Cruise: Coconut ice cream with macadamia nuts

C) Tropical Delight: Mango ice cream with caramelized mango chunks

D) Pagan Passion: White Zinfandel ice cream studded with luscious peach pieces

E) Cosmos Swirl: Chocolate swirled with marshmallow ribbons and raspberry-filled chocolate stars


2. If you saw a child drop their ice cream on the floor, your reaction would be to:

A) Give him/her a great big hug! Ice cream loss is traumatic.

B) Get them another. The ice cream machine is right on deck.

C) Rationally explain that it wasn’t his/her fault. It’s just too hot for ice cream to last. 

D) Make him/her laugh when you conjure up a replacement. Ice cream and magic!

E) Give the kid a pack of freeze-dried ice cream. That should work out better than the cone.


3. Which date would be the cherry on top of your sundae:

A) You’d never say eww to Ewan McGregor

B) Chris Hemsworth … no, wait! Liam Hemsworth. Who can decide between these two brothers?

C) Mmm, a young Andy Garcia. He’s muy caliente!

D) Viggo Mortensen. You’ve never forgotten how well he carried his sword in The Lord of the Rings

E) Nathan Fillion can command your spaceship any day!


4. What kind of job would you want the scoop on:

A) You long for roles that would let your inner nurturer free

B) Any job that would give you the chance to see the world

C) You wouldn’t mind if antiques were a part of your everyday life

D) Any position where they’d recognize that you’re the Queen

E) You’re content being the Lady of the Manor


5. Which television show would you settle down with while enjoying a bowl of your favorite frozen treat:

A) Can’t get enough Highlander

B) Reruns of Sister, Sister. What are those girls up to these days?

C) Whatever’s on National Geographic. You can watch that stuff non-stop.

D) Gotta catch up on the latest season of Game of Thrones

E) Maybe a TV mini-series. It’s been awhile since you’ve watched The Stand



If You Chose Mostly A’s … You’re craving a tall drink of Scottish water, and it can be found in the historical Fierce Highlander by Vonda Sinclair. When Gwyneth, a healer, cares for the laird of a warring clan, she finds herself taken hostage by a passion she can’t deny. RT’s Amy Lignor praises this romance’s ability to “get the heart racing.”






If You Chose Mostly B’s … It’s a straight-up contemporary that you need, and The Wrong Sister by Kris Pearson may be just what the doctor ordered. When Fiona Delaporte’s sister passes away, she’s on hand to help her niece and her brother-in-law Christian. For years they’ve both secretly harbored an attraction that neither knew about, but can they ever act on it without feeling as though they’re betraying the woman they both loved? RT’s Sabrina Cooper writes that “readers will relish the characters.”




If You Chose Mostly C’s … then you’ll only be satisfied with a thrilling adventure such as Pearls by Lisa Mills. When Isabel Palmer’s Venezuelan grandmother passes down an heirloom — a 500-year old diary — Isabel sets down on the path towards adventure. To find a pearl necklace her ancestor apparently stole, she tries to track them down with the help of a would-be Latin lover, Manuel Santiago. RT’s Sabrina Cooper praised the book for it’s “page-turning intrigue as the leads race to love, as well as treasure.”





If You Chose Mostly D’s … then you need some erotica for that sweet tooth! Wings of Desire by Arianna Skye will fulfill all your fantasies. Whisked away by Cerne, a man claiming to be her consort, Rhiannon finds it hard to believe that she’s the lost White Faerie Princess. But she can’t deny the attraction between her and Cerne. This book, wrote RT’s Donna M. Brown, “will titillate and enchant.”





If You Chose Mostly E’s … then this month you’re in the mood for some science fiction. Dark Inheritance: Fallen Empire by K. Reed is set an alternate England, one left ravaged by a plague. With the population drastically reduced, Grayson Merrick is shocked to find a survivor in the ruins of an old friend’s estate. Lady Juliette Adair is placed under his protection, but there are secrets they’ll need to reveal before (and if) they can be anything more. RT’s Susan Mobley calls this novel “complex and thought-provoking.”



Let us know your quiz results in the comments! You can find all these books and more available online now. And for other digital reads, be sure to check out RT's Everything E-Books Page.