October Inspirational Overview

With the expansion of inspirational fiction, readers are able to find a wide variety of books about characters wrestling with faith and real-world issues. Whether you are looking for a historically set story or a contemporary read, these books will warm your heart while giving you hope in your own life. This month there are several great new releases that fans of faith-based fiction are sure to want to check out. Here are a few of our favorites:




A Lady in the Making
by Susan Page Davis

What it’s all about: It would be very easy for Millie Evans to fall into a life of crime by joining her brother’s gang, but she wants a new start instead. After almost being robbed by Millie, David Stone is in no mood to believe she has reformed. However, he does listen to Millie’s story and wants to help, especially after her former life of crime puts them both in danger. 

Why you should check out this read: Readers looking for romance and intrigue are sure to enjoy this book, the third in Evans’ Prairie Dreams series, set in the Oregon Territory during the 1850s. 




Healing Love
by Laura V. Hilton

What it’s all about: Shane Zimmerman left the Amish faith when his wife died during childbirth. He has never recovered from the loss, that is until he meets Kristine Lapp. Unfortunately Kristine’s job as a midwife brings up bad memories for Shane. Also, Kristine is devoutly Amish. Can these two start a life together or will too many obstacles stop their love story before it can begin? 

Why you should check out this read: The first book in the Amish of Webster County series is a deeply emotional read. With realistic depictions of the Amish lifestyle, and genuinely caring characters, this is a story readers won’t want to miss. 




You Don't Know Me
by Susan May Warren

What it’s all about: Years ago Annalise Decker joined the witness protection program and started her life over. She is now a prominent member of her community with a loving family. But her idyllic life is put in jeopardy when the man she testified against breaks out of prison and tracks her down.

Why you should check out this read: Readers will be able to relate to the domestic issues that Annalise faces, while at the same time be intrigued by the suspenseful aspects of her life. RT reviewer Melissa says that this book will “touch hearts and lives in an authentic way.” 




The Sanctuary
by Ted Dekker


What it’s all about: Danny Hansen practices nonviolence, however, he was still convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. He chooses to serve the 50-year sentence in order to keep Renee, the woman he loves, safe. But when Renee receives a blackmail note, her life is put into danger just as Danny faces a danger of his own — a vindictive prison warden. 

Why you should check out this read: Dekker is an award winning author writing gritty, cutting edge inspirationals. And while his style can be shocking, Dekker’s stories are always completely absorbing and thought provoking. 




Shattered Silence
by Margaret Daley

What it’s all about: Texas Ranger Cody Jackson moves to town in order to get to know his son, Kyle, better. However, their bonding time is cut short when Cody is put on the case to find a killer. Five people are already dead, and more are sure to follow if Cody and his partner, Liliana Rodriguez, can’t crack the case. 

Why you should check out this read: With both personal and professional issues at the forefront of this story, readers will quickly relate to these terrific characters. Get ready to sympathize with both the main characters and secondary characters as difficult choices must be made. 




Life with Lily
by Mary Ann Kinsinger & Suzanne Woods Fisher

What it’s all about: Lily Lapp is a rambunctious 6-year old girl who enjoys living her life in an Amish community to the fullest. The story follows her as she meets new friends and goes on adventures. 

Why you should check out this read: Based on Kinsinger’s own childhood, this book has a vitality and fun that is infectious. This middle grade story is targeted at 8- to 12-year-olds and is absolutely perfect for a mother and daughter to read together. 


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