October Is Paranormal Month!

As the nights get longer and the days get colder, who doesn't love to curl up with a good book? (Or even better, a good series?) We stocking up on the paranormal romances and urban fantasies that keep us up at night and helping readers find the best chilling tales because October is Paranormal Month on the RT Daily Blog!

The publishing industry is certainly making this easy. Last week eight new paranormal and urban fantasy titles from our TBR list hit the bookstores. And throughout the month the latest novels will become available from fan-favorites L.A. Banks, Ilona Andrews, Meljean BrookRachel Vincent and more!

We will be celebrating the paranormal genre on the RT Daily Blog with video interviews, guest blogs and great giveaways. You will also find out who are our favorite vampires, what urban fantasy creatures have us staying out of dark allies and which evil villain we'd fight in our own adventure. Want to take part in the action? You can with our month long "Dress The Character!" costume contest that will be revealed next week. And all the action leads up to our "Haunted Halloween" Giveaway!

To give you a taste of the action coming out this month - take a look at October's Paranormal Top Picks!

For our on-going coverage, just keep an eye on this blog post!

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