October's Paranormal Heroes Face Off

The paranormal heroes of October swept us off our feet. Their good looks, intriguing backstories and myriad of “super” skills have sparked a heated debate the merits of dating a gargoyle, shapeshifter and beyond. Today we are letting these gentlemen face off, so you can decide who you’d want to share your happily ever after with.



by Anton Strout

Meet The Man: Stanis, a gargoyle

His Story: Created by a Spellmason — a magical artisan who can craft life into stone — Stanis is awakened when Lexi Belarus' family is threatened. Determined to protect the family of the man who created him, it's Stanis' job to keep Lexi safe.

Why He’s A Winner: A sexy, stoic winged creature by our side? That doesn't sound half bad! In addition to ensuring Lexi's well being and helping her learn about her family's secret past, Stanis is also responsible for helping her save all of New York City from destruction.


West of Want 

by Laura Kaye

Meet The Man: Zephyros, god of spring and the west wind

His Story: A powerful god with anger management issues, human Ella is swept into one of Zephyros' temperamental storms —and his heart — while sailing.

Why He’s A Winner: Although this god is rough around the edges, Ella, a recently divorced woman who just lost her twin brother, relates to the god's heartbreak and family woes. Plus, she can't help but be drawn to his strong personality and striking good looks. Together, they just might be able to help each other overcome grief — and find true love.


Black Moon Awakening 

by Lina Gardiner

Meet The Man: Jude Black, Therian shapeshifter

His Story: Jude is part of the Therians, a secret shapeshifting race that lives underground. Therians are sword enemies with werewolves, but when Jude meets werewolf Letitia, can he stay loyal to his kind as she helps him find his missing brother?

Why He’s A Winner: Who can resist a sexy hero up for adventure? Despite the Therians' animosity towards werewolves, Jude is skeptical of the history behind this ancient rivalry. And when he meets Letitia, Jude can't help but follow his heart!


Immortal Surrender

by Claire Ashgrove

Meet The Man: Farran de Clare, an immortal knight

His Story: A protector of the eight Holy Relics, Farran must pledge an oath to a predestined female sherpa or fall victim to an evil curse. When he meets scientist Noelle Keane, she may be the key to saving him from eternal damnation.

Why He’s A Winner: A hunky immortal Knight whose duty is to protect and serve, we're having a hard time finding reasons why Farran isn't a winner! Although he may be slightly brooding, we have a feeling Noelle can help get him out of his slump and discover who his destined sherpa is.


Forever Werewolf

by Michele Hauf

Meet The Man: Trystan Hawkes, a werewolf-vampire hybrid

His Story: Part vampire and part werewolf, Trystan is caught between two worlds. When he falls for the Alpine pack leader's daughter, Lexi, he's going to have to prove his worth to win her heart.

Why He’s A Winner: With plenty of internal conflict and a strong desire to do anything for the woman he loves, Trystan is definitely swoon-worthy. Lexi can't shift — which means she can't mate — and Trystan is an omega lone wolf, but together they discover that they may just have a lucky twist of fate.


Which hero are you most excited to read about? Let us know in the comments. And for more otherworldly hunks, check out our Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Page!