Olds Meets New In December's Harlequin Historical Romances

December's Harlequin Historical Romances all contain the clash between new and old. Whether it's in the form of feelings, traditions or the place one calls home, these six stories all feature tension between the well known and the unknown. But will these characters be able to navigate their way through dangerous emotional territory to reach a happy ending on the other side?


The Lady Forfeits
By Carole Mortimer

Can the eldest Copeland sister, Diana, help her handsome new guardian Gabriel resolve an old quarrel with his ill mother? If she can't, Diana isn't sure that the feelings she has for Gabriel will ever become a love that will last their whole lives through.

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Unmasking the Duke's Mistress
By Margaret McPhee

It's Arabella's first night working at a brothel in London, and she is surprised when the man who walks in the door is her childhood love, Dominic. But when he proposes that they embark on a new venture together, as man and mistress, will old secrets doom the union?

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Coming Home For Christmas
Carla Kelly 

This collection includes three generations of the Wilkie family on the path to true love. In the first story, "Christmas in Paradise", Thomas longs for his old life in Scotland but maybe he and his new wife Laura Marie can make a future in the young land of California. Tale number two features Lily, who has gone to the Crimea as a nurse during the war, all she wants to do is be able to bring an old Christmas tradition to life, but she'll need the help of her new acquaintance, Trey, to make a holiday miracle in "O Christmas Tree". Finally, "No Crib For A Bed" features Trey and Lily's son, a solider fighting in the Indian Wars of the American West, but will he be able to forget his old prejudice in the face of a new love?

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The Marshal and Miss Merritt
By Debra Cowan

When Bowie returns home to Cahill Crossing after years away, it's new evidence in his parents' deaths that has brought him back to town. He takes a room at widow Merrit's boarding house but her new business is failing. When Bowie begins to take an interest in Merrit, and gets a new job as Cahill Crossing's marshall, will the power of love be able to help him get through the dark days of discovery ahead?

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Snowbound With The Notorious Rake
By Sarah Mallory

Widow Rose Westerhill's first husband was a womanizer and Rose is determined to stay away from any other cads cut from the same cloth. Now she's engaged to a practical businessman. But when Rose and stranger Lawrence get stranded during a storm and seduce each other, Rose isn't sure if she should break her engagement to be with Lawrence, the man that inspires her passion. 

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Captured by The Warrior
By Meriel Fuller

Medieval English tradition says that women don't have any business being on the battlefield, however, Alice is unwilling to accept those rules. Instead she takes on a disguise and, dressed as a boy, helps her father aid soldiers. However, her adventure gets even more perilous when her father is captured and she must head the rescue. Will she be able to win over solider Bastian, and finally have an ally in her cause? Only time will tell.

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